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Published for the first time on January, 4, 2010.


Each serious blogger or webmaster have to learn about search engines, keywords, SEO, PR,  backlinks, traffic, promotion and a lot of other sources useful for developing his “baby”. In many places you will see various offers about “secrets”, “top weapon”, “Google or AdWords domination”, “find the right keywords” …for a price, and many times you will not find there what you expect would be… Blogging is an Art…

I think by sharing a free information with the results obtained, that can be verified anytime can be useful for everyone, not a reason of discontent. In a TE program very appreciated, a real marketplace, a place of connection with marketers from all the world, that is show in the Free Traffic page, we have often discussions about different niche in online business. In a day we talked about the results obtained in search engines and about choosing the right keyword.

Of course, first lets start to share the two free, but very useful sources for keywords:

To use as example a smart choice of a keywords combination:

“Wordpress business blog”

For any pro webmaster, blogger or website owner with a real interest in the results obtained from the search engines – known as having the better conversion rate – is useful a fast way to see the performances of a web page. Quirk Search Status is a free plugin for Firefox which show instantly a lot of information about a web page, but here I just mention 3 of these: Google PR, Alexa Ranking, do- or nofollow link in that web page. Learn the Art of Blogging!

By analyzing the keyword chosen, we can see for today in Google search results page 588.000.000 results for that combination. It seems to be a hard competition…. Well, by searching in the first Google tool, we will see …just 210 searches in a month for that combination… and in Wordtracker: „No results found for ‘WordPress business blog’. Please try an alternative.”. So, as keyword this combination will have too low results….

But, why this blog appear there? Quote from a blog in my profile of that Traffic Exchange:

„The same for the keyword „doruman” and other 70-80 keywords already in the first Google page, that I not share here, because its about my work, a strategy that I used and its not fair to share all that I know, all my work from months, even years for free…

A simple answer: install that plugin and look at the PR of this search results page of Google… Yes, you see correct… these SERPs have PR 7, my website are there dofollow backlink, so Google send me some beautiful gifts for my SEO work, few dozens of SERPs with PR 7 or close at that!!!

Many people say as PR are not more important – a BIG Mistake. For Google still is the unique tool to determine the quality of a website, and their engineers want only as the webmasters to not more try to manipulate this PR instrument. If you still dont believe what I share here and in other places, keep an eye on my blog and after the beginning of February, maybe what youll see than will finally convince you to start your online business on the verified right way…”

What we know about Page Rank? In a blog from BlogCatalog I made the next comment:


– Much more than to optimize the content in your website or blog, you can`t obtain more. Just apply the rules of a quality content made for readers and thought for search engines with the correct SEO rules, without stuffing keyword, without excessive elements, without nor an exaggeration – just basic SEO rules of common sense.

  • The quality (not the quantity) of the one way links increase the Page Rank. Which means as example, the results obtained from backlinks in 2 websites with Page Rank 7 could be equal with 7 backlinks from websites with Page Rank 4 – this is the most known solution to index a new website or blog in just one day – and so on…

The thing about many webmasters and blogger don`t know – and for what many of they are wonder why their Page Rank decrease, or worst, their web site or blog was put in sandbox by the search engines, without nothing changes in their web sites – is… monitoring the link partners.


What control do you have on your outbound links? Do you know when a website or blog, where you send a link, have had a mistake, used a black technique for SEO, or other of this kind and his web site was excluded from the search engine index? Just think a bit if I`m right…”

…Even is an old video material, the information from its content about web spam have the same value as then, the rules to determine and combat the web spam seems be the same in present – of course, some techniques are more sophisticated. But Matt Cutts on his original article from his blog express the Google’s point of view – it’s useful to be known.

I like to promote the best programs that I know, that have proven results, tested in time. For many years, this Keyword Software have had different versions, the first was in 2005 when it completely revolutionized the way in which internet marketing works. A thing about many webmasters don`t know, the effect of decreasing a website or blog in the search results pages or worst, to completely disappear from results, somewhere in sandbox for 6 months or more, without nothing changes on their sites… for this I wrote about the Art of Blogging… how many of you have the habit to monitoring your partners and the outbound links? The quality have his price, try this product with my affiliate link inserted there, to enjoy of the Juice Fruit from blogging. Use Firefox as browser with the recommended plugin installed for better results.

In the right side in widget it can be seen an other useful tool for those who like using AdWords and want to spy their competitors. Yes, there is my affiliate link also, but is FREE, just use it and you will be amazed with the new world open under your eyes… Want more? Lets try to share then an other powerful program, who have as motto: „Try to use this keyword tool with extreme caution or risk making too much money too fast.” .In many places from this blog I shared for FREE a lot of useful details, helpful offers also – without opt-in required,  secrets, tools, all these for FREE.

Also, few time ago I made another unique proposal: not only to promote a referral product for 50% of his value, that means close at $47 at each sale in your Paypal account, 30 days after closing transaction (the guarantee for product is 30 days) through a reputable company – it’s owner is Mike Filsaime, a known top marketer; more than that, for those who think to become affiliate, I’ll show you few easy and effective ways to promote your referral link in search engines – the most effective sources of conversion known, details of top level, close at a pro promotion methods; please read few details in the first article. One more time I repeat, take a bit of time and Learn the Art of Blogging in your own benefit!





For years working in Internet Marketing, helping other peoples as much it was possible. Well known web site promotion, SEO optimization techniques, Social Networks, fast index for Google, free traffic sources, efficient methods to increase the Google`s page rank, backlinks building, video promotion, in the main all those are essential things in a marketing activity for any model of online business.
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