by Doru Badetchi

On August 19 2009 this post was published for the first time.

In August 11 2009 Matt Cutts from the Web Spam team at Google did this interview about the Caffeine Update with Mike McDonald. “Caffeine is a fundamental re-architecting of how our indexing system works,” Cutts sayd before. He is known as the man who oversees the methods of destruction of the spam on the world’s, maybe the most popular goal for the web site owners – the Page Rank “guru” – , about it’s thought as the main point for the ups and downs of Google’s search algorithms.

Matt Cutts made perfectly clear that Caffeine is just an effort to upgrade the software sitting behind its search engine. If you would like to test the results with Caffeine, you can check it out at: where you can get a preview about how the search results will change over the next weeks or months. In his blog at More info on the Caffeine Update Matt Cutts give some answers for different questions.

Google Caffeine – Google’s new Search Index – “can be comparable with the ‘Big Daddy Update’ back in 2005, where consisted in changing the way that Google crawls and indexes websites” – excerpt from a WebProNews article. There are many opinions who written as the first time Google isn’t incorporate some changes into their existing infrastructure or even replacing it; instead they’re providing a developer/customer preview, by asking webmasters, power searches and simple users to try it out and to give them feedback.

Could it be this changing determined by the last events, when Bing took the place of Live Search, or by the recently-announced alliance between Yahoo and Microsoft? The comScore Core Search Report for July 2009, analysis of the U.S. search marketplace show the domination of Google:

  • Google Sites 64.7%
  • Yahoo! Sites 19.3%
  • Microsoft Sites 8.9%
  • Ask Network 3.9%
  • AOL LLC Network 3.1%

“In the July 2009 analysis of the top properties where search activity is observed, Google Sites led the search market with 12.9 billion searches, followed by Yahoo! Sites with 2.8 billion. Microsoft Sites ranked third with 1.3 billion searches, up 3 percent from May, followed by eBay with 709 million. experienced the highest growth of the top ten expanded search properties with a 35-percent increase.” – comScore

Google Caffeine is a significant change in the Google Search Index, represents the results of its Team effort to find a better and faster way to find the significant results for searches.
If you read this you can read and Matt Cutts Discusses Webmaters and One way Backlinks Virally, it can be helpful.



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