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So it was called my first post published on this WordPress blog almost two years ago…

“How an unknown, “underground” marketer obtained the indexing in Google of his just launched website in less than three days.”

That was the subtitle posted then. A video presentation was posted also as proof about what you can do when you know some essential information. All these things has happened, already belong to the history.

Almost a year this blog was on the first Google SERP pages for many targeted keywords and helped me in other hand in promoting and selling some top affiliates marketing products that were set on other websites of mine. It were good times!

Each of us have to pass through difficult moments in his life. It was need to change my activity, to move elsewhere, to solve some old things. A year and half I stayed away from my online business – hard times. Just with all my work from the past the Clickbank checks and Paypal payouts continued to come regularly still five months!

I think the same thing should have been today if some people with negative intentions should not be sent attacks with harmful codes, malware and other the same things to my WordPress blog and to my websites set with affiliates products for sales. I understand the frustration of some who paid to appear on the first Google results page; they don’t knew how could it be possible to been on the 2-5 positions on the first Google SERP by using just free methods!…

Too busy, lack of time, later I noticed that from these kind of actions and with a lack of security on my websites I lost my WordPress account and some of my websites with affiliate products for selling was marked as dangerous for user computers in the search results pages of the search engines.

However, random few checks continues to come – the last just 3-4 days ago. A thing that I think it’s really amazing!! A work well done once somewhere in the past surpass the test of time, even if I met big obstacles…

By changing the hosting company, with the old WordPress account lost, it’s almost impossible to restore this blog so it was 2 years ago. By retrieving saved informations on my hard drive the useful information shared once will be online again, of course offered for free so it was in the past. Lets start by sharing few paragraphs published under this title two years ago…

In 26 July (2009) I bring this little comment.

I have had approximately two months on redirect 301 to my Clickbank affiliate page. Always you have to keep the eyes wide open. Google have a dynamic interactivity. I saw an an unpleasant changing in the results. I listened at what explained Matt Cutts and I understood.

Rosacea Google SERP

Rosacea 4 position on Google SERP

At the same time with the started of the site described in above I made a fundamental changing on this site. As you can see below, in just 13 days I obtained already position 2 in the Google map (country) searching and position 4 in

I stress, I obtained all these only with FREE methods, without paid advertising, PPC, AdWords or something like these. I gathered together all these information in a tool called Viral Media Distribution. It`s a verified method, as you can see it`s fast and the effects created are viral for a long time. At this time working on it for updates. On Internet the rules of the search engines and many other things are in permanently changes, in 2-3 years even big companies closed some of their portals or websites, so it is need of a careful review on all such data. I thought to keep the 3 years old video, for just a small example about what you can do with the right information… I hope to be helpful with some for your needs, all the best!

For years working in Internet Marketing, helping other peoples as much it was possible. Well known web site promotion, SEO optimization techniques, Social Networks, fast index for Google, free traffic sources, efficient methods to increase the Google`s page rank, backlinks building, video promotion, in the main all those are essential things in a marketing activity for any model of online business.
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