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Do you can obtain top results in Google and other search engines without being a SEO expert?

Rae Hoffman published a post in January called “You Don’t Need SEO to Rank in Google” The main point is that lots of traffic to your site is a positive signal to the search engines. Here it`s a excerpt from that post:

“My nofollowed link from Twitter is more valuable to me than my dofollow link from TechCrunch because it sends me traffic on a regular basis that sends the right signals to Google while bringing actual human beings to my site.”

What is WordPress

There are many SEO tutorials who explain details about SEO optimization techniques of a web page. It`s well known the importance of the title, description, the right keywords, content, hyperlinks in text, quotes, dashes, design, layouts, all these thought for a better search engine optimization, of course details about html code, but all these details can be found easy with a simple search for “html tutorial” on Google or other search engine.

An equilibrium in all components is the key to reach the goal. By keywords stuffing or any other exaggeration like this you`ll obtains only the contraire results. In the main people search for backlinks. „I need more backlinks”. Why is this important? PR rush! A higher PR means a better position in search engines, who bring more „organic” traffic for that keyword. In this place you can find more information about one way backlinks building. But don`t forget, in the Google`s eyes quality count.

FREE Traffic System


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In present any search engine and much more Google have smart algorithms to evaluate the quality of the structure of a web page; pagination, keywords density, text quality, design, layouts, inlinks, outlinks, images and so on. Without be a SEO expert, you can know common rules for a web page optimization. The title must contain at least one keyword, rich keyword for heading and subheading (h1, h2…h6) at least one keyword at each 1-2 paragraphs; 5-7% is an indicated percent for the keyword density in a web page text. Two things could it be stressed:

The link structure

In a blog a keyword or a multiplied keyword with dashes between words in the link of an article is an opportunity about many don`t know. How it seems to be in this example:

It`s not about keyword stuffing, it`s about a group of keywords who bring more information to Google or to any other search engine.

Image “alt” attributes

The “alt” attribute is used to define an “alternate text” for an image in the case someone visits your page with a browser that can`t show images. Another opportunity to integrate a keyword for an easy finding for a search engine. It`s well known the importance that Google grant to images and videos, we can`t lose a possibility to appear in searches for a image from our website.

(This article is not thought for technical details. With a simple “html code” searching in Google you`ll find a lot of information. In Youtube also you can find a lot of video details about html code integration. If you think it`s hard to learn some main rules, then try an easy method; I worked some time with Microsoft Front Page, but you can choose any free html editor, how could it be Page Breeze.

In any html editor you`ll have a “normal” or “edit” option, where appear all details that can be seen and a “html”, “source” or “code” where appear the html code. By typing a word in the “normal” section, then using  one by one the options “bold”, “color”, “font”, “link”, “insert image” and then switching to html source you`ll see one by one how appear each of these settings in html code and it`s the most easy method to learn.)

We have to understand as SEO (search engine optimization) means exactly what it`s written, a web page optimization. We can`t exaggerate here, Google and any other search engine have clear algorithms to calculate the quality of a web page. The text must be made for readers, just optimized for SEO. Nobody can`t obtain a huge score from here, the rest came from outside, from one way backlinks. In “Matt Cutts Discussion Webmasters” it can be find some advices from the head of Web Spam Team at Google.

Important for any search engine – monitoring link partners

There is an important thing that not many webmasters know about.. In many places we can see complaints like this: “My PR down suddenly”, “My site in searches was sent in x page from the 1st Google`s page” or even worst “My site disappeared from Google results” and most of time these people don`t changed nothing in their sites. They can`t understand what`s happens. What could it be the answer?…

Backlinks from partners. Most of people build backlinks, tons of backlinks, but just a few know the importance to monitoring link partners. Some of these partners could remove our links from their website without us knowing about it. We can remove all these links to these “partners” and this alone will allow us to pass more PR to our own web pages within our website and will help us rank better almost instantly!

Lets think to an example: we just made a link exchange with a partner, while we both exchanged links with quality website of PR 4 or 5. Your partner, because a lack of traffic, will try a Black-Hat SEO tactics, the main reason that a web site can be banned by a search engine. Google decides to ban his website and it`s no longer in Google`s.

Now, guess what`s next? We still linking to the partner web site, which is considered a “bad neighbor” and we could be actually get penalized by search engines for linking to it, without doing anything differently in our website. That is why it’s very important to keep a close eye on who you’re linking to.

Theoretically we can search manual in the partners websites to see if we are still linking out to any bad neighbors, but in sites with thousands of pages it`s need of a lot of time and patience. An easy method is to use SEO Elite that will automate and simplify this important process and almost instantly we`ll see an increase in our ranking.

If we do a link exchange with a website, we have to check back to that site every once in awhile to make sure that they haven’t been banned by Google or other search engine, or that our link is keep in their website. This is one of the top reasons that people get penalized by Google, and the sad part is, they have no idea what they have done wrong because they haven’t actually changed anything on their site!

At beginning we need of a fast indexing and then of a lot of traffic. Few words about what NOT to do when trying to get indexed by Google or any other big search engine. Never use the popular web submission form of search engine. In their statement it`s written it can take up 4 to 6 weeks for your website to be placed into their index or even more. For what we have to waste  our time? A fast indexing in any big search engine can be obtained in 1-3 days, performance and traffic in less than a month.

Viral Video Marketing

The known method is to obtain backlinks from websites with PR 5 in three days or PR 6 in a day, but for a new website is not so easy to obtain it. Some time ago I made a post “New Website on Google index in less than three days” where it can be found details about how can be obtained an index in Google in less than three days, how to obtain top position in the 1st page in Google and other search engines in less than 13 days and how to increase the traffic from the first month, without to be a SEO expert, by using only FREE methods.

A last mention, on August 11 Matt Cutts did a interview to Mike McDonald about Caffeine update that it`s good to know, represente a changes in Google`s searches algorithms. Maybe the most important is his presentation at WorldCamp Straight from Google: What you need to Know that it`s a must see presentation for any serious online marketer.

For years working in Internet Marketing, helping other peoples as much it was possible. Well known web site promotion, SEO optimization techniques, Social Networks, fast index for Google, free traffic sources, efficient methods to increase the Google`s page rank, backlinks building, video promotion, in the main all those are essential things in a marketing activity for any model of online business.
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