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For the first time published on November, 15, 2009.


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In the first article from this blog I wrote about the project started in July 13th with a Clickbank product and my actual blog. Search engines evolve day by day and we need to keep our attention to all their changes. Few days ago I have had an unpleasant surprise, something similar with was happening before of July 13th.

At that time in my website with a Clickbank product I set a simple 301 redirect command to the main page of that product – a setting used by years by many top marketers. Well, Google seems that then changed something in their algorithm. Matt Cutts explained some time after that the effect, something like: “if too many web sites use redirect 301 to a main website then Google will strengthen that product link, only that link will appear in SERP`s (search engine results page)” – to see Webmaster Tools video collection on Youtube –

With some changes in index I could bring my referral product page in my website, in this way protecting my referral link – the main reason for this procedure -. So the visitors could seen my referral link through the link of my website, something similar to,, hootsuite, tiny.url and other url shortener services. In 1-2 days the things come back to normal, my website appeared as usual in Google search results and in index. From then I reached to 20 keywords in the 1st page of Google, a notable result in less time I think.

3 months all things was all right, constant sales, better positions from a week to another, nice things. As I wrote in above, few days ago it seems as Google made another change and the result was the same as before of July 13th; again the main page of Clickbank product appeared in all places with results of searches where was my website and in searching for the website in with the command „http”; for the command „site:…” or by searching for „www” my website still appears correctly. A big problem for anyone I think.

I dont know if Google try to extends his rules, if for Google search engine at this time it are not enough just the classification for results and the storage of SERPs, but I know the feeling of frustration as referral for this promotion work done and the time spent for that… To mention as this change was just in Google, the other two giants of search engines Bing and Yahoo have not changed anything!

I could ask if a referral with some technical skills dont have to right to obtain results from <a title="Search Engine Optimization" href="" target="_blank">search engines</a> for his referral page but its not here the right place. For an article, news, publication is logical to be the problem with the identical content, but could be extended that problem to the referral programs, where all pages from a program have an unique content?!… hm… that is it, these are the Google`s rules and we have to respect all these.

Logical, it was the time for another changing, for this time it was need to change the index page, a major changing of my website, usually a reason for re-indexing or decreasing positions in the search results. I deleted also index.php from Google Webmaster Tools with the logical results of disappearing of my website from index. Usual I could have to wait another 3-6 months for indexing of my website and so on. How much time it was need for my website?

In 24 hours my website appeared in (my country), in 48 hours appeared in and in the next day in all the results where it was before. In below is a screen shot made one hour ago.


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As a extension of the project from this blog is a part, I just started another domain name to verify what it could be the minimum possible for a fast index in Google. With a sending to just 8-10 Bookmarks and 3-4 websites with PR 3-4 – a setting of 15-20 minutes – this time I obtained in 14 hours the first entry in Google index. Im convinced with all that I know it could be possible in just 1-3 hours. I repeat, keep an eye on this place where youll see a lot of interesting things.

In the first 8-9 articles from the main page can be find a lot of free information about what everyone have to do to obtain a quick performance. I stress the importance of the article „Seo…”, for all those who need fast results I recommend a visit and a careful reading in Features section in the middle top of this blog, where at least one quality product everyone will could find for its needs. I hope this article to be  real hand of help for you.

For years working in Internet Marketing, helping other peoples as much it was possible. Well known web site promotion, SEO optimization techniques, Social Networks, fast index for Google, free traffic sources, efficient methods to increase the Google`s page rank, backlinks building, video promotion, in the main all those are essential things in a marketing activity for any model of online business.
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