by Doru Badetchi

Published for the first time in December, 11, 2009.


The big search engines updates their algorithm often, day by day for a better way to show the best quality results in SERP`s and it’s absolutely critical do not fall into the trap of fail, by running, then following „the fastest” or „the latest great methods” for highly ranking in any or other search engine. Some things that was used for a while in the past such could been: keyword stuffing, blog spamming, link cloaking ant other the same methods are definitely on the blacklist for the three giants: Google, Bing or Yahoo, for sure these bad methods are not something that will keep your web site or blog in the long run. You will obtain only as your desired web site / blog to be banned for so such techniques, or simply will not get ranked nowhere; in this case all your time and efforts will be just… in vain.

In a serious discuss about what means indeed online business, there are many other legitimate ways to increase your web site or blog visibility in these big search engines, to build your brand, your credibility in your chosen niche, by using only quality tools, generating active leads for your business, getting your name/company in the front of many people from the entire world. For the main tool – a web site or blog – there are some verified methods and principles that you will need to apply when optimizing that website / blog. For sure the most important part of a professional SEO method applied are to concentrate on getting the essential one way quality backlinks.

This is the unique method verified for a high ranking in search engines for a long time. It’s need to send the web site or blog created to as many directories possible. To be honest, lets write the truth: there are the hard and the easy way… You can choose to send manually to them, which is a long and tedious process, or you can pay someone to do that for you, but you’ll be without any control about his activity… And it is very important to know exactly from where you will obtain these one way backlinks. Do not mention in the first case it is need of time and work to find as many free quality, well ranking directories…

I want to present maybe the most easy method is to use a professional software who will do all the hard work and time consuming for you. Easy method, but effective. An Article Submitter Software allows you to submit an article which contain the direct (dofollow) link of your web site or blog to more than 800 directories and could save you an incredible amount of time. It’s a simple procedure to enter the article details into the software once and then to select the directories where you would like to submit. Automatically the software will fill in all of the submission criteria for each directory and allow quickly to submit articles. It’s highly suggest grabbing this kind of professional software if you decide to take advantage of the easiest way to get one way quality backlinks to your web site.

Article Submitter Software

Maybe it’s the right time to download a FREE copy and to learn more about the professional Article Submitter software. It’s a new but a great quality software created by Brad Callen and the most important is the fact that although submitting your articles to article directories is an incredible way to increase your search engine ranking. All these search engines appreciate the content, it’s more important to have a backlink to your web site in a full content article, with keywords chosen in an article directory than just a short description on a website directory. The software is constantly being updated and there is an incredible community of users established, where all work together to make the software better and better from a day to another, so you know you’re getting great value for your invested money.

The Article Submitter Software will allow you to submit your articles to literally hundreds of popular article directories of all over the world. Only by touching a few mouse clicks you’ll be able to instantly submit all your articles. It’s taken the tedious process of finding and filling out all these submission forms, incredibly easy and fast so. Now really it’s the time to start on the right way your online business, your substantially earnings.

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