by Doru Badetchi

First time published on September, 2, 2009.


Search engine optimization is getting more and more difficult by the day. The big search engines are evolving at an incredible speed, making it harder for SEO experts to rank the websites highly.

With that said, there are a few tried and true principles that we need to know when optimizing our website. The first of which, and the one that I always tell people to concentrate on is getting quality, one way backlinks pointing to your website.

The more quality backlinks you can get pointing to your website, the higher you will rank (period).

While there are many black hat tricks and tactics that you can do for short term gain, I would suggest do not spending your time on those things. I would focus the entire effort on figuring out how to get other websites to link to yours without you linking back to them. That is the biggest key to ranking well in Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

This is true, reciprocal linking is becoming less and less valuable. Submitting your website or blog to website directories is an excellent way to get, quality one way backlinks pointing to your websites. As you see, many of these website directories online have a high amount of page rank and have been online for several years already.

These are 2 of the most important criteria for determining what a good link is, versus what a bad link is. These criteria are:

The age of the website linking to you
The Page Rank of the website linking to you

With that said, many of these directories have both essential things – a high Page Rank and are old websites, giving them more authority and power in the search engines.

There are literally thousands of website directories on the internet that are absolutely free for you to submit your website to! While it does take time to find these directories and then manually fill out all of the required criteria to submit your website, it is an excellent way to help increase your search engine rankings. Just one thing: time and effort consuming…

There are some good website directory submission software products on the market who do all the hard, long time consuming work for you. What I want to stress here it’s a product called Directory Submitter created by Brad Callen. Essentially you simply enter your website details into the software program once, and then with a mouse click fill on any of the 1600+ website directories in the software and it will automatically fill in all of the submission criteria for you. Just click on the submit button and then your site has been instantly added to the website directory!

So, not only does it save you time in finding all of these directories, but it saves you an incredible amount of time filling out each and every website’s submission criteria. To learn more about Directory Submitter software for FREE, just click on the image below:

Directory Submitter Software

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