An industrial design involves composition of color or pattern, creation of a shape, or combined pattern and color in three-dimensional form that contains aesthetic value.

In addition, its applications are handicrafts and vast variety of industrial products. Certain examples of its special applications are as follows: jewelry, luxury items, medical and technical instruments, housewares, electrical appliances, architectural structures, textile designs, and leisure goods

Benefits To Gain From Protecting An Industrial Design

Giving sole rights – When an industrial design is guarded, the owner is assured an exclusive right against illegitimate imitation or usage of the design by malicious people. This helps to ensure a fair return on investment. Moreover, with protection, the owner is given the right to make necessary actions against any violator for breaching his rights.

Simple and low-priced – Getting an enhanced and safeguarded product can be simple and cost-effective. In both industrialized and developing countries, they are easily obtainable to small and medium-sized enterprises, individual artists, craftsmen.

Promotion of fair competition – Consumers also do gain from a good protection system, because fair competition and honest trade practices are promoted, therefore promoting more aesthetically attractive products and creativity.

How An Industrial Design Can Be Protected Against Illegitimate Usage

In typical cases, an owner should first have his industrial design registered before the law can acknowledge and protect it. The design needs to be unique or original to be registered; meaning no much the same or identical design has been existing in the past. After processing the application, a registration certificate will be issued.

The product’s protection usually lasts for five years, and may be renewed for a longer span of time, which is usually fifteen years in most cases

To add more, an industrial design may also be protected as a creative work under copyright law, depending on the particular national law and type of design.

Product owners should certainly enjoy the fruits of their labor. For this, they should indeed protect all of their creative assets or intellectual properties as generally known by many. By all means, creators need to fight for their rights, for it is not just the tangible properties that matter; intellectual properties also do.



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