When you need faster computer performance one of the first steps in troubleshooting and searching for the problem is usually overlooked. There are of course several issues that may slow your on-line work or browsing down. First is it the internet speed itself or is the problem in your Computer and you need to fix or get a faster computer?

If you still think it may be slow internet access causing at least part of the problem, a fast, free test will actually tell you how fast your on-line connection is actually running. It’s really easy and numerous web sites offer these fast tests.

Do a Google search for “Internet speed test” or some thing similar. You will then simply need to select a city close to you or enter your zip code and the test will start. It takes less than a minute and it will give you the download rate and also the upload speed of your connection. This is the speed coming into your PC not what is reaching your house or office developing.

A typical downloading speed is about 6mb/s but that can vary based on your agreement with your Internet service provider, when you have on a DSL line or Cable connection (cable is normally a good bit speedier), and your home or office’s closeness to a powerful Internet line. If your connection speed is below 4mb/s you probably have a slow Internet speed issue. In the event you find that your speed is too slow you may need to speak to your ISP by telephone and they can run a speed-test themselves, on-line, and see what’s causing your slow speed internet.

But one thing you might want to do before making that call is to check out your wireless router and how well it’s working. The most effective way to know if your router is fine or not is to operate more than one PC performing internet downloading at the same time and check if it makes the computers run slower. You can simply have Two or more computers on the wireless network browse the web, going fast between several pages and sites. For this test you will need to browse websites the computers have not been to before.

If this little test doesn’t have an effect on browsing speed, and give you a faster computer performance, then the internet and also wireless system in your house or office is not the culprit. And at that point you will need to get your Internet Service Provider to help you. Check the best way to do this. Sometimes live Instant Messaging may be faster with service techs than the phone.

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