It always happens to any computer that different weird signs things start to occur, like probably different warning messages or computer crashes.

This may happen even if all your hardwares are up to date or even if all your programs are working well. When you get warning messages or when your computer starts to crash, it means there is something going on.

A few months ago, I got all these weird things from my computer so I tried to do something about it by installing a kind of antivirus software on my computer.

I tried scanning but it couldn’t find anything. Then next thing I did was to install anti-spyware software thinking it might be because of malwares. Still nothing happened. It was then that I realized that the problem must’ve been due to my registry.

What is your registry? Your registry is that important part of your computer that stores all vital information that is required to keep your computer functioning.

One kind of information that it saves are your system settings and your hardware details. The files in your registry will start to get corrupted every time you use your computer.

The problem isn’t that serious that you’ll have to purchase a new computer. You can remedy the problem just by installing a registry fixing software.

In our time, there is a wide selection of registry cleaners to choose from. But whichever registry cleaner you choose, you have to make sure it covers the basic.

When I was having my registry problems, I decided to purchase Error Killer.

What I liked about it is the fact that I can customize my fixes. What I mean by this is I can uncheck all the errors listed after the scan that I do not want to be changed. For less meticulous users, another option which fixes all errors automatically is also available.

However, the most striking feature of Error Killer is its back up and undo system. Error Killer allows its users to make back up files of their registry before they do any changes to their system like fixing errors.

This is a way to ensure that if things do not work out right, one can just restore the old settings.

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