If you happen to be a client trying to find specialist design graphic services, make sure that you’re tuned in to these three of the most expensive design graphic blunders, and work with a designer who knows what he is doing:

  1. Utilising web graphics on printed items.

There are a selection of online sites selling free or very cheap quality hi resolution images which are an effective source for fitting imagery. First-class design graphic will then depend upon the usage of the suitable image according to the message you require to convey. There is no such thing as a replacement for a graphic design company that applies designers with finesse and wise judgment.

  1. Forgetting about or not permitting adequate bleed.

A really design graphic general slip-up would be to send to print a document or flattened image which has no bleed at all. Generally speaking you need to set a limit a minimum 3mm around every cut off edge. Failing to take action will give the printers no margin and will either crop off the side on the page or provide you with a white border. It is actually recommended when providing image files to avoid wasting layered psd files then if things need extending or cropping that can be done this on the background layer and with any luck cut down your work.

  1. Employing obscure fonts without embedding or outlining them for output.

We’ve all been responsible of this sooner or later and things are generally fine if you are going to be the only person retrieving your artwork or papers. Then again if someone else must amend the documents or use your vector logo on one of their publications, then they ought to manage to follow the design pattern with ease. Unless you package up the used fonts, they are not going to be able to open the files properly and some programs may replace any unknown fonts with a default. This can be a particular problem when you have to dig out stuff which was produced quite a lot of years formerly and you no longer have your old fonts running.

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