Writing articles to promote your website is more important than most realize. Sure, ordinary poorly written articles with under 400 words are now being punished by Google under their Panda algorithm (forget Farmer – that’s not Google’s name for it), which makes writing articles properly as part of a well conceived article marketing strategy so important.

But that is not the only reason why your articles should be well written. While Google weeds out and drops the poorer and shorter articles from its index, then you can you step up and take the slack. To do that you need good and well written articles, not the article writing standard that resulted in failure on most of these dropped web pages. If your articles are no longer of a good standard, and offering unique information to readers, they aren’t worth a fig in Google’s eyes!

Writing Articles for Google

Keep in mind that there is intrinsically no significant difference between a normal page in a website and writing articles for submission to article directories. You can advertise more on your own web pages, but otherwise the standard of each should meet the criteria Google is now employing in the algorithm that assesses your content and its relevance to a users search term.

Some of the things that Google is searching for in your content, whether on a web page, a content farm or an article directory, are:

• Unique content, not published anywhere else online.

• Interesting content, that offers a good service to Google’s users seeking information.

• A standard of writing you would not be ashamed to show your teacher at school.

• A standard of writing you would not feel ashamed to see published under your name in the local press.

• Accurate content, with no guessing and the need to explain further what you need.

• More than 400 words, and preferably from 600-800 words.

• Accurate and informative details on your niche

Plus much more: you know what you are writing about, and you know what is good information and regurgitation of what you have read. Can you offer some new idea in your article that you haven’t seen published elsewhere?

It’s not always easy to answer that question with regard to writing articles: it’s sometimes difficult to remember what you said in previous article writing and article marketing campaigns, but whatever you do, try to be original, unique and offer your readers content that you would be glad read elsewhere yourself.

Don’t skimp when writing articles, and make sure that your article writing and article marketing are of the highest quality if you are to receive the greatest benefits. Sometimes it’s not the best that wins, but that which most meets what the software has been programmed to detect. Understand the algorithm and beat the competition.


For more information on writing articles and why article writing and article marketing are important check out Pete’s website at http://www.article-services.com – Pete is an Honors BSc research chemist who has been writing articles on any topic for many years
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