Employment seekers looking at new media jobs must use a strategic approach to interviews if they want to achieve success.

As the old saying goes; “failure to plan is to plan to fail” and this is especially the case for job interviews where the level of preparation is fundamental to the outcome of the process.

A strategic approach is crucial as job seekers must recognize that there is more than one stage to an interview and every phase must be given the same level of respect as each one is as important as the last.

The first phase of the process is what happens before the interview because this is where good preparation is demonstrated by plenty of research into the organization that is offering the all important new media jobs.

It is advisable that a couple of days prior to an interview, you research your potential employer on the internet as it is expected that job seekers will look at a company website before attending their offices.

Typical information to learn will include the company’s history such as when and who founded it, their background, their work culture, and what kind of new media products and services they provide.

Another thing to prepare before the interview is suitable clothing because image is important in the new media industry it is better to err on the side out caution and choose a conservative rather than outlandish style of outfit.

One last thing to remember before the big day is to memorize your curriculum vitae because it is likely that your interviewer will ask you questions relating to your resume in order to determine your level of ability and experience.

The second phase of the process is the interview day and you must give yourself plenty of time to reach the location in case there is an unexpected transport delay or unforeseen accident which may slow you down.

Arriving on time is crucial and when you turn up, you should always be nice to the receptionist and other employees in the building as they may be asked for their impression of you.

Always smile and offer a firm handshake as this non-verbal communication will set a positive tone for the interview which should be maintained no matter how you feel the process is going.

The final phase of the process is after the interview because even though you have left the company offices you can still influence their decision by immediately sending a thank you not which will show that you are genuinely keen on the position.

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