Build it and they will come does not apply to blog marketing. It is a little bit harder than that, but not much!

Internet marketing in general can be summed up by how many people are finding links to your website. If you put links out online were people have to bump into them you’re going to increase the amount of traffic you get. The same thing is true with blog marketing.

This is why you see some blogs that get a tremendous amount of traffic. When you analyze them closer you see they either have alot of links pointing back to them, or have been online for a long period of time and are getting good of repeat traffic.

Your goal is to not only get a lot of backlinks, but also to get links from authority sites. Sites that have a better page rank than your blog home page are good sites to try and get links from. Search engines place a higher value on these kind of links.

1. One thing you should be doing is bookmarking every blog post to social directories. I personally use Only Wire to get into more social directories with one click. Social Marker is another site that does this.

You can go to and pay someone $5 to get backlinks for you. You can get links from edu sites that are an authority site link.

2. Adding videos to your blog is another excellent form of blog marketing. You can submit the videos to shared video sites such as You Tube. I like to use Article Video Robot to create videos and get them submitted into shared video sites.

Adding these videos to your blog is one way to liven your blog up and make it seem more important. People like to watch videos and this can be a more interactive form of blog marketing than just posting content.

3. Other ways to market your blog includes press releases, search engines, article marketing, podcasting, and email marketing. Anything you can do that gets your blog URL online where it will stay for a long period of time is a good thing for you.

4. I’ve had good luck posting in discussion forums. Create a signature file that includes a link back to your blog. This is high quality traffic and the post you make in a discussion forum is a high-quality backlink as well.

All of these things do take time and effort, but if you expect to make money online doing blog marketing, you will need to do them or pay someone to do them.


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