Article promotion doesn’t have to become a complex process if you do not allow it to be this way. By using easy steps, it can produce a lot of traffic and much more business than you can imagine. So with this, listed here are five steps to effective article promotion.

  1. Intriguing Content

Effective article marketing all begins with a topic people care about. For this, it is up to you to get out, research and find out what people are looking for. Jump into forums, social sites like Facebook, and blogs to see what people are chatting about. By identifying the key issues, concerns and questions you can then provide answers that people are looking for.

  1. Well Written

Unfortunately, enticing content is not going to get you by. If each article you produce is cluttered with misspelled words, grammatical errors, and horrendously long paragraphs, readers will not be able to take you seriously. For this reason, make sure to proofread all of your articles before doing anything with them.

  1. Keyword Optimization

Exposure is crucial when it comes to effective article marketing as people need to be able to find your article to read it. Keyword optimization is a technique that consists of targeting a specific keyword and dispersing it throughout the article. Search engines then identify this keyword as you spread the article throughout the internet and the end result is climbing higher in the search engines for those keywords. It can be a great way to shoot your traffic numbers up.

  1. Resource Box

The resource box is the key ingredient to the whole process. This goes after the article and will include your name, business name, a brief sentence or two describing what your business has to offer, and most importantly a link to whatever page you want. This is how people who are impressed with your knowledge and expertise from the article can find the product page, home page or whatever link you post.

  1. Consistent Submission

The final step to effective article marketing is producing and submitting content on a consistent basis. Every day millions of entrepreneurs jump online with the same intention; reaching prospects and making sells. With hundreds of thousands of people making use of article marketing for their company, just imagine how many articles are produced on a single day.

For this reason, it is up to you to stay focused and determined. If you are going to have any kind of success with article marketing, you have to create as many articles as possible and submit them to as many article directories as possible each week. If not, just know that thousands of other articles will pass yours by in simple day or two.

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