Being a young adult can be a process of discovery and adventure that finds you living in the middle of a bustling city. Metropolises attract a diverse population and offer a number of different restaurants and activities – they are exciting. There can be changes, however, once marriage happens and you start to talk about having a family. For some young families, the thought of raising children in a city is unappealing and they long for something different. Sun Peaks community, located in British Columbia, offers a natural mountain lifestyle that lets your children grow up being able to run and explore.

This is because of it’s central location within British Columbia, it is a straight drive to both Vancouver and Seattle. This is great for commuters, but once they come home they aren’t coming to a quite and boring community. Sun Peaks is filled with a number of events and an integrated social community.

Being close to the resort will also allow you to interact with people from all over Canada, as well as the world. This area is centrally located and is a short drive from both Vancouver and Seattle, so you’re never too far from cities while living in a gorgeous mountain setting that includes Tod Mountain which is blanketed with wildflowers throughout the summer.

Summertime, from July to late September, is filled to the brim with concerts and festivals celebrating the natural beauty of your surroundings. During this season, your backdrop is Tod Mountain which is covered in an explosion of wildflowers. Nature is never too far away living in Canada, but there is something even more majestic and gorgeous about this area.

Raising kids here means always having something for them to do and not feeling as though it’s unsafe to let them run around and explore. There are activities like rock climbing, paddle boarding, kayaking, biking and hiking. The sports center is the spot for year round activities like swimming, basketball, and tennis.

Parent’s aren’t excluded, however, since the village, with it’s charming cobblestone streets, is filled with high quality restaurants, spas, artists, and wines. You can drop the kids off for all day fun while you and your spouse can indulge in your own brand of relaxation.

Moving to the suburbs to raise a family comes with a number of negative connotations that just don’t exist in this community. You’re close to the city, but you’re surrounded by natural beauty that has no equal, as well as a village that embraces a life that is even more social than what you would find in the biggest metropolis. Read more about: Sun Peaks Community

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