Twitter is a site which is a mixture of social networking and internet blogging. With it, people are able to publish short messages, also known as “tweets” for others to see. They can also read the messages of others, from classmates and relatives to celebrities. It is very popular, with kids of all ages, with almost two hundred million created accounts. For new Twitter users, and even seasoned enthusiasts, there are a couple of good Twitter tools to get you started.

There are several ways to get use of the website, from chatting with friends to business. There are lots of useful tools that can make it much easier to utilize as well. If you find yourself interested in getting all you can of your account with Twitter, then consider using a few good ones.

People that are intrigued in getting some extra cash through their Twitter should think about signing up on Magpie. The app offers businesses a chance to advertise their products through Twitter. It connects the marketers with Twitter users who can post their ads via their tweets. Based on how many friends a user has, they can earn up to six or seven hundred dollars each month.

Download TweetDeck on your phone if you’re interested in staying connected when you’re not at your computer. The app, which is available on almost all platforms, allows users to post their tweets and read their friends right from their phone. You can also set it to notify you whenever new messages get posted.

Users with a Twitscoop account are able to stay on top of breaking and local news. The program updates news and search trends automatically so you can instantly see what topics are currently popular. The application also, in real time, lets you track and check the stock market.

Users that are new to Twitter will be impressed with Twhirl‘s user interface. It’s a new client that can be downloaded to your computer and accessed via your desktop. You can post videos, images, and tweets with it easily. You can search for tweets that your username is associated with as well.

For a simple to understand and detailed graph of your account usage, think about TweetStats. The application analyzes your stats and sorts them into a useful graph. With it, things like messages per month, messages per week, and how much you repost your follower’s messages are accessible. Roughly one hundred thousand Twitter users utilize the program for their accounts.

Want to know where to find the best Twitter tools available on the web? This article on Twitter tools will reveal the truth to you fast.

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