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How To Become A Professional Blogger By Using Article Marketing On A WordPress Website

Two years ago this WordPress blog was started for the first time, by having Article Marketing as main point. Just few months before of this time point, in a Social Network (money maker program it would been…) a great friend – Paul Winter – have written few answers in a post in that forum, where he pointed the main elements to know and apply, to can use Article Marketing on your own blog. Just from these few reference points and from the idea of the possibility to start an online business even from scratch, few months later this WordPress website came to life.

Why few months after? Well, just by knowing only how to use Article Marketing Programs – I intuited that it is not enough. These couple of months of delay was just only to gather information that I felt it were missing then. As I described already in About Page, these 6-9 months was of intense working, by accessing the email lists or even the newsletters of the most known marketers of this world – in the same time by having the chance of the right moment – > it would seem that was a watershed moment for their sales figures, which is why they decided to provide bits of quality information for free in their emails. It was like building a huge puzzle. It took patience, will and tenacity in long term.

When I started the blog, I knew well about Article Marketing, the right SEO methods, few quality tools and software needed and effective ways for website promotion. By respecting the based idea, all the investment made was less than $10 for the domain name chosen. In the rest it was used only free resources, tools or software. The rest of the price – working and time spent. The results as described in Understanding of some simple search engine… was faster, the first sale made was after the first month, Page Rank 4 in Google in 3 months, multiple search results in the first page of Google Search Engine. The main idea was proven – an online business can be started even from scratch, by knowing the right, real way. I could call this article something like from the $10 invested to the first thousand of dollars earned

In the first article How to Get Free One Way Backlinks Virally I presented one of the free, but quality tools used – Free Traffic System, a quality tool that simulate the natural way, safe and smart to build backlinks for free. A main element in the Google algorithm calculation for relevant results in their search engine result pages, represent the one way backlinks from quality web sites. On the entire Internet can be find methods, software and tools to reach a multitude of backlinks, but do not forget an important thing: Google it is not a blind software or program… For a top Search Engine for years already, its engineers have created an intelligent instrument to crawl the web sites and a deep secret Page Rank algorithm calculation.

Learn The Art Of Blogging

Then have undergone a series of articles about SEO, keywords, web page optimization, lots of free but quality information for any blogger or web site owner. I recommend to book a bit of free time, to take a cup of tea or coffee, then sit relax on the couch and read careful all these information. It is possible as a less trained brain do not process all this multitude of information at a first glance. It is normal, in this case just bookmark this blog for a possible return in the near future and give your brain the time to cover this information, to become accustomed with the new things. It depends, could it be one or few days, while you can do your usual activities, try to relax, think to anything else, grant your brain the time to work in “background” (subconscious). You’ll feel when will come the time to active learn again from these information.

Article Submitter Software

The first tool will create quality backlinks in other niche blogs or web sites. On the way to simulate the natural backlinks building process, then it is needed an article submitter software to can do more. In A Free Article Submitter Software could gets you Tons of Quality One Way Backlinks I presented the Brad Callen’s Article Submitter – as this author have written “the SEO Boosting… Traffic-driving… Link-building power of Article Marketing”. This professional software allows you to submit an article which contain the direct (dofollow) link of your web site or blog to more than 800 directories while could save you an incredible amount of time. All the search engines appreciate the content, it is more important to have a backlink to your web site in a full content article, with keywords chosen in an article directory than just a short description on a website directory.

With just two free tools, with the right knowledge that I suppose you already learned from these free articles and with some time to work on writing articles, you are now close to develop your web site or blog through a tested, already verified method for a high ranking in search engines for a long term, by having quality one way backlinks on full content in niche blogs, article directories and other important web sites… It seems you know all that you need now, right? Well, all these things presented are important, essential I could write… just as the Internet Marketing it is… like the ocean…. The information needed to be learned, indeed it seems to be unlimited.

Learn How To Use Article Marketing

You can write one article, more, maybe even dozens. But in time your blog need hundreds, in years even thousands of articles. Where you will find so such resource of inspiration? Keep an eye into this place, in the near future I will share for free indeed unlimited resources for articles, or for writing quality articles. Until then, you need one more thing to know. You have to avoid publishing duplicate content, do not work just in vain. So, to send one article to so many blogs, article directories etc., you need a tool to rewrite, to spin your article content. A person with less knowledge will search on the internet and will use one whatever, or free – something so. I want just to stress you what it is important to search to a so such tool.

A common article rewriter software produce unique articles by checking the original article word-for-word and suggesting synonyms. Any experienced article author can know well the low quality content of the article where it was used this old already rewriting method. A professional Spin Rewriter performs a thorough analysis of your article, it actually understands the text and then it uses an amazing database of synonyms (for words and phrases) to produce spun versions of your original article. It can rewrite your desired articles on all levels: paragraph, sentence, phrase and single word level.

You can spun articles with every internet marketing / SEO (article submission, auto blogging etc.) software on the online market. Spin Rewriter supports all popular spintax formats from the default {first option|second option} to the [spin]first option|second option[/spin]. When you are done, simply you have to select the desired spintax format and make the most of your articles. To write more? This professional rewriter software rewrites your articles by using its growing collection of 750,000+ synonyms, it works on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, your phone…

As a conclusion:

– you can spend your time by searching for programs which offer “the most efficient referral…”, “the fastest profit…”, “the short way to your success…”, “make money online fast…” or other things of this kind and to promote other people programs. Of course, a few gained their success, but the competition is tough, for a year to another it is more and more difficult.

–  and the main thing – you have not your “baby”, your own product to promote and to develop it, just you work for other people’s products, bringing them the most of benefits. Think deeply of my advices. When you will sent the right moment for you, start in the right direction, with the correct advices and knowledge gathered from the experience of others – build your first own product, launch your original professional blog based on Article Marketing and follow the Art of Blogging advices for your own benefit, for years from now!

For years working in Internet Marketing, helping other peoples as much it was possible. Well known web site promotion, SEO optimization techniques, Social Networks, fast index for Google, free traffic sources, efficient methods to increase the Google`s page rank, backlinks building, video promotion, in the main all those are essential things in a marketing activity for any model of online business.
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