You can create membership sites to sell anything, but if you are knowledgeable about any specific topic then you can use them to sell that knowledge. You can do that in a number of different ways including articles, eBooks, videos and MP3 audio files, and which is most relevant to you will depend upon the type of knowledge you have.

Create A Membership Website – Website Hosting

People use the internet to seek information. Sometimes it is simply to have one question answered: a crossword question for example, or to find the answer to a question needed to enter a consumer sweepstakes. Perhaps they need information for school homework, or are trying to compile a trivia quiz. Whatever the reason, they are looking for information.

However, others are looking for more than that, and might be looking for information on the best way to find carp, how to lose weight or how to bring up their children properly. If you have that knowledge then you can create subscription sites to sell your knowledge and make money.

Take Golf as an Example

Let’s take an example: golf, and how to cure your problems and improve your game. In discussing this example, keep in mind that you can apply exactly the same principles in your specific interest. Whatever it is that you are knowledgeable about; you can apply to this example – even if it’s fishing, gardening, internet marketing, training dogs or quilting. People will join a subscription site to learn and to meet others with the same problems or interests.

You can have a page or two on solving golf problems, such as a slice or hook – one is the opposite of the other, and if you understand how to cure a slice, then sorting out your hook is the mirror image! Strengthen your grip for one, and weaken it for the other. Take a step back for one and forward for the other. In fact, you could have a whole page on the slice and hook.

You could then have sections on improving distance, the flex of a club and so on. More on training equipment, from weighted clubs to laser systems and full circle swing trainers. You could include information and tips on choosing golf balls. The whole point is, this is only for members of the subscription sites, and you do not offer this information anywhere else.

Create a Product to Sell – or Give Free

Another way to sell your golf knowledge would be to write an eBook including all your golf tips. Try to make it about 90 pages plus: it will take time to get together, but you could pay ghostwriters to do it for you. Once it is complete, get an account with Clickbank if you don’t already have one, and put it up for sale, for say $47. It doesn’t matter if it sells or not – if it does, great, but if not, it doesn’t matter because that’s not why it’s on Clickbank.

Offer your members the first two chapters free – in fact you could offer the first chapter free on your squeeze page in return for their contact details. That way you can keep in contact with prospects that visit your website, but don’t join the membership site. Then offer the first two chapters free to members on the site.

What you do then is to offer your eBook “Add 40 Yards to Your Golf Swing in 5 Easy Lessons” at ‘less than half price’ to members: $23. You can prove it is genuinely under half price by showing them your Clickbank price – that’s why it’s there! That is sure to get you some sales, so you make money not only from the membership fees, but also from sales of your eBook!

A Subscription Site Forum is Popular

You could also start up a forum: make sure the membership software you choose enables you to create subscription sites with a forum. There is some very good free forum software online, and a good membership software package should be able to integrate that into the site. That will then enable your members to discuss their golfing problems between themselves.

Once your members feel that they are in a club or ‘family’ of people with the same problems and issues as themselves, then they will keep on paying their monthly subscriptions – often just for that contact with like-minded people! A forum can make the difference between average subscription sites and great ones.

Apply These Principles to Any Niche

There is lot more you can do with your membership site, but do you get the general idea? The golf example can be applied to any niche. You can sell your knowledge both on the site and in the form of an eBook. Rather than the ebook you could offer members affiliate products on golf and also provide them with a monthly training course on improving their golf swing.

You could offer a similar course in 8 parts as a gift on your squeeze page for those providing their email address: that can be delivered by autoresponder along with a link to your registration page. It is easy to create subscription sites to sell your knowledge if you have a good subscription software package with which to run your site. Membership sites can be very profitable.

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