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Today I decided to reveal a high level marketing tool, well known by the top marketers of this world, a real secret weapon from their arsenal, used to gain the best positions in the big search engines – Google, Yahoo, Bing – as fast as possible (often in a matter of hours).

Traffic Geyser

With some articles in the past, I shared essential information about the content of a quality website or blog – the title, the SEO elements in the web page, the right keywords, methods and tools for backlinks building and website traffic. It is time to show a method not only for website promotion, but one indeed which can make the difference in a huge increasing of the sales and leads for your online business, as fast as possible.

Traffic Geyser will increase your video marketing distributions with less time and effort

Traffic Geyser

In November, 26, 2006 Frank Sousa, Mike Koenigs, and Rocket Helstrom launched Traffic Geyser. The main concept of TG is simple: it automates the process of submitting videos to free video hosting sites (Youtube, Dailymotion, Veoh etc.). Because the video sites are so popular, Google, Yahoo and MSN treat video content as relevant and desirable. The intended result is that your video on those sites will obtain high search engine results rankings for your targeted keywords chosen quickly (typically the title, description and tags of the video).

Why It Works?

Simple: Keyword-rich content.

How is that possible with video?

So easy: you upload your video with a keyword-rich title, description and a backlink to your site. The search engine spiders find the content and it shows up in organic search results pages quickly.

If you submit keyword-rich content to the top Google Video, YouTube, MySpace and around 27 more relevant free video hosting services from more than 300 available online, you are going to get indexed quickly and your web site or blog will be relevant in the “eyes” of the 3 big search engines. You will also benefit from lots of quality backlinks to your web site – I hope now, from the articles from the past you may already know that benefit.

There are two problems with this strategy, however: Spam and Persistence (how long you remain popular)…

Using keyword-loaded video submissions to generate traffic is a fast way to get quick results (usually in less than 24 hours). Staying on top requires that you continue to submit good content.

Submitting lots of quality content is the next solution (and challenge in the same time).

What if you could convert audio files, conversation, teleseminars into videos quickly an easily without learning any software?

Many people are overwhelmed and intimidated about the prospect of creating a video (or a bunch of them). Buying equipment, learning new software, hosting, fear of being on camera, etc. – all those are legitimate concerns.

In Traffic Geyser, its owners created a “video slideshow maker”. As easy possible you can upload an audio file, create a slide, upload a graphic, click a button and the system creates a video file that is ready to submit to 30 search engines in a minute or two.

Of course you can do this with Windows Photo Story, Windows Movie Maker, iPhoto or dozens of other free or cheap software programs, but why go through the headaches and time-consuming?

To speak more about Social Networks, Bookmarks, Blog Posts or converting your video to Podcast and sending it to Podcast directories?… Or its professional splash-email capture page… But I think it is better for you to have something new stuff to discover when you will start using Traffic Geyser for the first time… Some explicit screen-shots from the inside of Traffic Geyser:

Video Media Distribution

Traffic Geyser - Video Marketing

Article Submission

Traffic Geyser - Article Submitter

Blog Post Submitter

Traffic Geyser - Blog Post Submitter

Anyone who’s uploaded a video to Google Video, or any of the others knows it is tedious and can be time-consuming if you want to upload to several services.

Here are the steps:

1. Create a video
2. Upload your file
3. Enter title, description, tag, category, etc. information
4. Wait for your submission to show up in the service
5. Wait for your video to show up in the organic listings

Steps 1-3 usually takes between 5-30 minutes depending on the speed of your connection, your browser, your PC or Laptop model. And while you’re uploading video – the practice of testing – your connection speed for uploading, browsing or doing “real work” is dramatically slower, even with a fast broadband connection.

How long might it take to submit that same video to 30 services for the optimum results?

In the most cases about a day – no kidding! Unless you are watching the upload process like a hawk and doing nothing else (no distractions, phone calls, meetings, etc.), it can take days, or even a week! If you want to upload 100 videos per month to 30 services, you need some very fast connections and multiple employees to do this job.

Some very big-name internet marketers who recognize the value of video search engine optimization have full-time employees, who did nothing but submit videos for them. And they simply could not submit to more than a few engines… They would spend thousands of dollars a month on their employees…

How about the risk of Video Spam?

Let us face it. It is only a matter of time before LOTS of video spam shows up. Google, MSN and Yahoo are going to deal with this sooner or later. The “system” will be abused because it works so well.

Remember the old SEO days when you could submit a keyword-loaded page and get in the top 10 listings in a night? Remember the early days of blog spamming? How about article directories? Redirects? Article spinning?


If you are lucky enough to ever get a Top no.1 listing in Google, you are either doing something right or something “naughty”. If you manage to keep a top listing for an extended period of time, you are doing something right.

Keeping a top listing is a constant source of pain for any online marketer. It is nearly impossible to keep a top listing for an extended period of time with competitive keywords without a hard working.

The solutions:

– Quality content
– Lots (I mean LOTS) of backlinks
– Frequently and consistently content updates

There are plenty more, but these are the “obvious” ones.

Using keyword-loaded video submissions to generate traffic is a fast way to get quick and great results. Staying on top requires that you continue to submit good content. Submitting lots of quality content is the next solution.

4 questions Being able to persuade people is a must for you to attract success.

But having an audience throws a lot of people off.

The free video from the presentation page explains how answering four simple questions can connect you with 99% of people. The video called: “How to Get Your Point Across to Any Personality Type by Answering 4 Simple Questions.” – one of four FREE videos – is based excellent research into people and their mindsets, and shows you:

– easy strategies for communicating with groups
– why 99% of any audience will listen to you
– the four personality types that have always existed
– how to speak multiple “languages” at the same time
– lots more!


I think it is better to insert here an excerpt from the description given by Mike Koenigs himself:

– “What’s your time worth? We already discussed the costs of submitting videos manually. Even a “cheap” employee at $10 per hour will cost thousands of dollars per month to submit 20 videos to 30 free video hosting services.
Traffic Geyser costs less than $1 to upload a video to 30 free services.

Traffic Geyser is made up of an array of big computers that sit on redundant, load-balanced networks. It’s capable of submitting a massive number of videos at once very reliably.

One video can be submitted from our systems to 30 services in minutes. It’s fast because our ultra wide connections are talking directly to all of the free hosting services without going through a slow connection.

If anyone is thinking a “client side” application to submit videos from your desktop makes sense, think again. Literally every day, the rules for submitting videos changes. You’d be sending updates for your software several times per day AND every one of your customers would be frustrated because that program would hog all of their available network resources doing the uploads.” –

The great news about writing a software is that you get lots of suggestions on how to make it better. An important thing was happened when the owners of Traffic Geyser found that the big Google penalize with spam flag a video appearing simultaneously on multiple video directories sites. From then an user have the option to sending a video creation with a schedule option, from 12 hours to many days, in case you will have lots of videos to send to video directories, or to spin its description…

Traffic Geyser

As Conclusion:

After that $1 (which is a bit embarrassing for it immensity offers) to test it at full capabilities for the first month – Is Traffic Geyser Worth the $97 per month (that it is the Gold Membership in the most common) for a serious online marketer?!

To MentionMaybe you do not know where to find content, or how to produce a video presentation…

You can use all these four free videos to create an online campaign, to influence search engine results, and generate massive amounts of traffic and leads… fast and easy. Your new content builds trust with prospective customers, and they’ll choose to become buyers instead of you having to sell them.

and to Stress – 20th Century Fox spent $280 million dollars making the movie Avatar

Traffic Geyser will show you how to make a GREAT video for about $279,999,755.00 less…

Thank you for your time to read this review article. I hope to be a real hand of help for you, to be a new vision of an online business, a marketing plan, of the chosen strategy… Good luck, have inspiration in the choices that you have to take!



Update April 22, 2014

Important – Mike Koenigs wrote me few words, few days ago:

“In 1876, the telephone was invented, changing communications forever and allowing anyone with a phone to communicate quickly and efficiently, replacing telegraph and telegrams.

About 100 years later, the world wide web reshaped the way we think and do business, making communications and content distribution free and allowing you to buy, sell or market anything, anywhere, anytime, from any device.

The time has finally come!”

If you can imagine a system that will distribute YOU to multi-billion dollar networks for FREE – allowing you to legally and legitimately borrow the viewers and customers from the world’s biggest sites and brands including Apple, Google, YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo and many more that will actively promote, market, and share you with the world and in some cases, even pay you for that privilege!

And what if I would tell you that it’s possible to deliver your message and content 100% of the time – without ever being stopped by someone’s spam filter?


It’s all right here in this comprehensive system… and people all over the planet are rushing to get access to the Mike Koenigs’ new Traffic Geyser 2.0 system. Yes, right, every once in a while a revolutionary new product comes along that completely transforms the marketplace… NOW it’s time of this must have high professional business tool.

Traffic Geyser 2.0

Traffic Geyser 2.0

BTW – The system is opened today with a special-insider $1,000 discount!!! But fair warning, the discount will expire in less than a week. Then, the Traffic Geyser 2.0 system will go back to it’s regular price…



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