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Facebook provides excellent internet real estate for affiliate marketing purposes. However, it’s essential to have a clear strategy. Here I’m going to share with you the techniques that I use on my most successful affiliate marketing Facebook pages.

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Think about the people. You need to give people a reason to like your page. The easiest way to do this is to offer some kind of an incentive – for example, a report, an ebook, discount or even exclusive access to information.

Detail why they should join. Most of my success with affiliate marketing has come from split testing all of the marketing that I do. I tweak this, change that and then monitor and measure the results. One of my great successes has been to explain directly why somebody should like my Facebook page. I write something along these lines “Join our community now so that you don’t miss out on our fun, and so that you can directly ask gardening questions and get prompt answers from Tony”.

Make your page easy to find. One of the big benefits of Facebook fan pages is the easy access to articles within the news feed. Sometimes I discover a great web site then I try to find the matching Facebook fan page. It’s quite surprising how difficult some of these pages are to find. Think of things from your readers point of view, can they easily find your page?

Give them something to like. Just pushing articles at people everyday is not what is going to bring them enough of a reason to like your page. Try being sociable and a friend to the people who are connected to your Facebook page. Give them a big up when they share something with you, keep the conversation flowing and share some nuggets of interest in other areas.

Exclusive access helps. When I’ve got a new piece of information I’ll frequently share it on Facebook before anywhere else. By delivering exclusive content to your Facebook fans first, then you can make them feel that they are in your inner circle and a core part of the community around your business. Make them feel special by giving them something.

Use Facebook for content generation through reader participation. Every couple of weeks, I’ll post a status up on my Facebook page that will provide me with fodder for my blog posting. For example “You realize how much you love gardening when….”. I’ll quite often get so many responses that I can use them in a blog post. Each of the people who posted know that they helped me create my blog post too – so they are extra interested in reading it once it’s complete.


Use poll questions. You can gain more followers by using the poll feature on Facebook. If you’re question is a little controversial then all the better… people will be desperate to add their opinion to the mix.

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