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Successful affiliate marketing is highly dependent upon taking the right actions and distributing the right content to the right people. In this article, I’m going to share with you some essential areas that you will need to focus on to give your auto responders an increased chance of being read by your audience.

Careful with the subject line.
These days we all get so much email that a subject line has to be pretty special to warrant the actual opening of an email for it to be read. Most people only open emails from friends. That’s why it is important to write just the right thing for your readers. Being a little bit different and writing a headline that is slightly off the wall can work well. Another technique that can work is to ask a question or to give the benefit within the headline so it’s clear as to why the effort should be put into reading an email.

Be a human.
The most engaging writing includes opinions and emotions. With clients, it’s always important to really feel their pain and understand what it is that would make them buy your product. Most often people use the internet to find solutions to their problems. If you can get into the head of the person you are writing to by describing their problem, frustration and how their problem pains them – then you are a long way to making an improved income from affiliate marketing.

Add branding to your email.
If you use a 3rd party emailing service, then it should be fairly easy to brand your email to match your other marketing material as they quite often use html. However, even plain text can be branded to stand out from the rest – try adding something along the lines of See you next time! to your emails and you’ve got a unique output that your readers can expect to see in each email.

 Personalize your email.
There’s mixed feelings about personalization in auto-responders right now. It seems that some people don’t like it. Most of these people are involved in the internet marketing niche of affiliate marketing. The people outside of this area, haven’t been complaining about it. It seems that the guys who don’t like it feel that the marketer is trying to be too pally with them. Personally, I don’t mind too much – it’s quite amusing to receive an email that has my name on the title – and that being the case I will sometimes open it based on that alone.

 Add your call to action in bold.
Most people won’t read your email all the way through, no matter how well you write. Therefore, it’s a wise move to add a call to action, in bold, in the middle of your email. Examples of strong calls to action are: “Download it here right now” or even “Gain instant access”. It’s another one of those things that you could try doing A/B testing with to see which style gets you the most responses.

Whatever you do, use good grammar and spelling. I also find that if I make the chunks of text fairly small – then it’s not an overwhelming read for my audience. I also like to use bullets, especially if I’m talking about benefits. It makes for an easy and quick read.


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