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Do not stop article marketing. Refine what you are currently doing with your articles. Step it up a little bit and you can still dramatically benefit from writing and submitting articles. Here are 6 steps to help you do that.

1. Landing page. One of the best ways to benefit from article marketing is building your email list.

Send your traffic to a landing page as opposed to your website home page. Develop multiple landing pages and track which one performs the best.

The benefit to building a list from article marketing is the long term follow up you can do from it. Remember, once you have an article online it can continue to build your list for you for many years. A big list is a good way to make money online!

2. Write quality content. Google put everyone on notice that they’re looking for fresh content. Websites that were full of duplicate content were punished in the past year.

I would go so far as to say not only write fresh content, but write quality content. Put a little more quality into your articles by increasing the number of words and adding more depth to them.

Doing this will help you brand yourself as an expert on the topic you are writing about. It will also give you the chance to rank for more keyword phrases as a search engine spider the articles after they are published.

Article Submitter Software

3. Submit Your Article. This is the best online publishing site I have ever used.

Use their patented Article Leverage feature to create unique versions of your articles. Then submit them to multiple directories with the click of one button.

4. Only Wire. Publish a unique version of your article on your blog and then bookmark the post with Only Wire. This is a good way to develop backlinks and create more traffic from them.

5. Article Video Robot. Take another unique version of your article and submit it to Article Video Robot. This is a way to develop a video from your article and get it into shared video sites such as You Tube.

6. Write more. Getting more articles on the Internet gives you the opportunity to outperform your competition.

Take existing articles and rework them into unique versions with fresh angles. Join discussion forums and write articles about what people are discussing online.

Just plain become more aware of what’s going on in your niche and then write about it. Pumping up the volume of articles is a surefire way to benefit more from article marketing.

Follow these steps and dramatically increase the benefits your online business gets from article marketing! USA, LLC

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