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If you are going to do Internet Marketing you have to pay attention to Google. This really is true if you want to make money at home with content websites. The big question right now is how much content does your sites need to rank well with Google?

In the past year Google put everyone on notice that they were looking for websites with fresh content. Sites that contained mostly duplicate content lost their rankings almost overnight. This should be a lesson to you for your own sites and anything that you’re going to be doing in the future.

Let me provide a handful of tips based on my own personal experiences.

1. Competition. In competitive niches you are going to need to develop your sites at a larger scale.

For example, in the make money niche by Team-Schuman website now has over 8000 pages according to my site map generator. I constantly add new content to my blog targeting specific keyword phrases.

This site focuses mostly on helping people make money online and generates over $100,000 a year in income. I do not feel I could get to this level with a smaller site in this niche.

2. Targeted niche. I have a one page site that provides Internet marketing services built around the keyword phrase article marketing.

I never make any changes to this site and it doesn’t even have a blog. I do not make updates to it hardly ever. It continues to rank above the fold on Google for the keyword phrase article marketing.

This is a less competitive niche and the site has withstood the test of time. The same is true for other 1 page sites I have targeting keyword phrases such as article writer, content writer, and blog writer. These are 1 page sites that rank well with Google because I have developed backlinks to them!

3. Google Adsense sites. Many people prefer to make money building websites around the Google Adsense affiliate program. I am in this group in targeted micro niches.

There appears to be a couple of main things to keep in mind in regards to this.

1. First of all Google wants to see content that is unique and delivers a positive experience to the user.

One-page websites do not appear to cut it with you on this. However, targeting specific keyword phrases, and delivering unique quality content around them do very well.

Websites with 10 to 20 pages of content appear to be holding their rankings very well. You need pages with 500-1000 words of quality content to impress Google

2. The other thing is Google wants to see content above the fold. If your sites focus strictly on the ads you stand a good chance of losing your rankings.

Whenever I have a question about a specific niche I like to go and look at what my competitors are doing based on specific keyword phrases. Take a look at the sites that are ranking well and see how big they are. This isn’t necessarily the Bible in terms of how big your site needs to be.

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However, if established sites are ranking well with Google you can look at how many pages they have the determined approximately what you’re going to need. If you develop a new site in that niche for that keyword phrase you are going to need enough content to compete with them.

Do you really need a large content site to rank well with Google? It depends on your long term goal with that site. When in doubt build them out with as much content as you can.

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