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The first goal of every internet site really should be to get traffic or visitors to come to that website. That means starting a search marketing campaign. However however newer websites are typically at a disadvantage when it comes to doing exactly that. For the simple fact that they are brand new to the net. By having millions of existing internet sites currently competing for the attention of the search engines there will always be a great deal of competitors. However Yahoo provides one feasible option.

The answer provided is to submit your site to the Yahoo Directory.

So what is the Yahoo directory? Well simply put it is one of the largest directories on the internet today. The Yahoo directory is among the largest listings of sites on the internet. If you wish to be identified quickly by the search engines then one of the first steps to take is to get listed there.

So how do you get your website listed in the Yahoo directory?

Well there are two courses that a website manager can easily follow when trying to get listed in the Yahoo directory site. The very first is the basic submission. This approach is complimentary but only websites of a non-commercial nature be accepted and if they are they will certainly be listed in a non-commercial category of the Yahoo directory. The other method is the Yahoo Directory submit option. This option is for commercial internet sites and includes an annual charge of $ 299.00. If you are submitting an adult oriented website the fee is $ 600.00 per internet site.


Directory Submitter


Am I guaranteed a listing if I submit?

The straightforward answer to this question is no. By having both the cost-free and paid versions Yahoo does not guarantee inclusion to their directory. For the free of charge entry getting your website reviewed can easily take anywhere from 3-6 weeks or longer and you may or might not be accepted. The paid entry just takes 7 days to be reviewed however again there is no guarantee you’ll be included and if you’re not your $ 299.00 is non-refundable.

Is it truly worth the money to get listed in the Yahoo Directory site?

There truly is no uncomplicated answer to this question. The regular response is without a doubt. At least for the 1st year. A listing will undoubtedly help you grab the attention of the big search engines which you need for your search marketing efforts. After the 1st year you’ll need to analyze just just how much traffic the directory is bringing your internet site. Are you talking about thousands, hundreds or simply a couple visitors each month? After the 1st year has gone by the search engines will definitely already understand you exist so there are other ways to keep them informed about changes to your website.

Consider forking over the dough for the 1st year but after that you should examine the sources of inbound traffic you have for your internet site to view if it offers enough value for your funds.

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