According to Google the keyword phrase “free online business” is searched 74,000 times per month without the quotation marks. Even the phrase “free online home business” is searched hundreds of times. What is interesting is how competitive this phrase is on Google Adwords.

People who are searching for these keyword phrases are looking to make money online with their own business without spending any money. I understand the logic behind this. Some of them do not have any money, and others are not willing to gamble until they know a little bit more about a business opportunity.

The point I try to get across to new Internet marketers is a free online home business is never really free. The competition online will never allow you to build a home business without investing something.

What is great about the Internet is you can spend your time as opposed to investing your money. What makes this not free is your time is actually worth something even if you are not making any money.

My Internet business began to grow when I started valuing my time as money. You might start out by saying you’re going to pay yourself $8 an hour to work on the Internet.

If you spend 20 hours in one week working on building your business that’s the equivalent of paying yourself $160. You may not actually have $160 in your bank account, but you have invested that much time back in your business.

Where the Internet is a great equalizer is in how you can trade time for dollars. Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you write an article and want to submit it to article directories to get some traffic to your site. You can manually submit your article to one directory at a time. This will take you longer to do than using a submission site such as Submit Your Article where you can reach multiple directories with one click.

Here is another example. One way to get traffic to a landing page is to join a traffic exchange such as I Love Hits.

You build credits by clicking on other people’s ads and viewing them. You can join the traffic exchange for free. Most of them have a different credit ratio for free accounts.

You might only earn one credit for every two ads viewed, as opposed to if you were a paid member where you have a 1 to 1 ratio of ads viewed for credits earned.

You can even purchase credits and have your ad shown without spending your time clicking on ads. However, if you want to build your online business for free one way to promote it is to spend your time clicking on ads to earn credits to get your ad shown.

There are numerous ways you can trade your time for money on the Internet. When you value your time based on an hourly rate you begin to understand why your free online business is not really free, but it’s still possible for anyone to eventually make money.


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