I love continuity programs to make money online. I really like them as a way to make money right now after several rounds of Google updates in the past year.

So what is a Continuity Program? Here is a definition I dug up online on Direct Marketing Terms and Definitions…

“Arrangement where customers agree to a series of regular, small purchases over time. For example, a series of books shipped and paid for at a rate of one per month.”

I say this because I am still getting emails daily about what is the best way to make money online. I do think it’s a little more confusing right now because so many people who were making money with business models such as affiliate marketing who are really struggling right now.

This is happening because they’ve lost their rankings in Google. It’s happened to me with many of my affiliate sites, writing sites, and even my primary keyword phrases I ranked for on my Team-Schuman site.

So what are the best ways to make money? Here are 2 ways that do work

1. Trade time for money.

Go to iWriter and write a 500 word article for $4. Write 2 of these an hour and you are earning $8 an hour.

If you’ve got a service you can provide promote to Internet marketers this is better than trading time for money because you can generally increase your pricing and in turn increase your hourly wage.

2. Residual income or Recurring Income.

Network marketing gives you a residual income business opportunity. That is true and if you build a downline of people who buy and sell products and you eventually earn commissions whether you work or not.

Local business marketing is a good opportunity for recurring income. Sell your services to local businesses and set them up on a monthly contract to continue to help them rank on the search engines.

This is a true example of a continuity program. Believe it or not there are many people earning 6 figure incomes and living a pretty nice lifestyle doing this.

My Hands Off Internet Marketing program is an example of a continuity program. We help local businesses and micro-niche websites rank on the search engines.

We charge $97 a month for the service and people continue to pay us as long as they want us to help them rank for their targeted keyword phrases.

I like continuity programs because you get paid in the future for work you are doing right now. In my old job at Amana refrigeration I earned commissions on sales and build up a territory of customers who continued to purchase from me.

Of course I had to work hard every month or I didn’t get paid. With Internet marketing you can cut your hours back once you’ve built up an established clientele and take care of your customers and still earn money through continuity programs.