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Hi there now I want to cover a very neat method to get you into a niche, make some money and potentially get several set up and possibly actually grow as the niche itself becomes larger – read on & you’ll hopefully understand what I mean.

Micro niche sites are one-page sites that are highly targeted to very specific markets. They are sub-niches, and some are sub-niches within sub-niches. In other words, your marketing is laser targeted for high paying keywords that don’t have much competition.

Keyword Domination is the Key

The cool thing about micro niche sites is that you can totally dominate a keyword phrase extremely easily. Because these are usually one-page sites, they’re easy as heck to build. With a minimum of site building and back linking, you can get tons of traffic and rule the keyword.

Here’s an example of a micro niche site. You might build a site around solar panel kits that you can use to build your own panels at home. Your main keyword phrase might be something like “DIY solar panel kits.” You’ll notice that it’s more than a word or two; micro niche sites target long tail keywords, many of which are almost sentence-length.

Niche It Down!!!

The point is that “solar power” is a big niche. But “DIY solar panel kits” is much smaller. That’s where the “micro” in micro niche sites comes into play.

Micro niche sites are usually monetized either by AdSense or by promoting affiliate products.

One of the benefits of micro niche sites is that they’re easy to build. The way to do it is to make one, get it rolling, and then make the next. Each one will bring you some passive income, and with 50 or more micro niche sites going, you’ll start making some serious cash.

Here’s how to go about it

The first step is, of course, keyword research. But with micro niche sites, you have to spend a little extra time here. Make sure that you find long tail keywords that have low competition and are also making money. This is really important because you want to laser target your market and provide the specific thing they’re looking for. This is not a site about, for example, weight loss that’s got all kinds of different niche-related content on it.

Don’t Over Design

  • It’s Simply Not Worth It Site design should be basic and ads should be minimal. Don’t plaster it with ads. Since these are MFA (Made For Adsense) sites, they need to be tastefully designed or else Google’s algorithm will ignore them. This is why you want to keep it clean.

Make Sure Its Closely Targeted

Another cool thing about micro niche sites is that you don’t need a lot of content. You only need 4 or 5 articles. But these articles have to be high quality and they have to contain keywords and sub-keywords. The content should speak directly to your laser-targeted visitors and it’s your only chance to convert them into buyers.

Once your first site is up, the money will start rolling in. How much money? It might be something like a couple of dollars a day. You’re right if you think that’s not much; but it takes a day or two to create a micro niche site. So keep building until you’re making hundreds a day in passive income. That’s how successful micro niche marketers do it.

Remember, making money online is always like that; you create the site, launch it, market it like crazy, and after a while it starts earning by itself. And please remember that’s what its all about – making money don’t loose sight of that – monetizing your site is key because without a financial reward (however small!) you’ll loose interest, probably just before its about to come good!!! It’s called ‘Sod’s Law’ – don’t ask me why.

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