Identity Theft

With the importance that good credit history has in your day-to-day life, it is certainly worth protecting and monitoring. Read on to learn some top tips to avoid identity theft.

By repaying loans on time, being responsible with your money, and managing your credit, you can build good credit. Having good credit makes it easier to get a mortgage, a new business loan, or a lower rate on a credit card. Unfortunately, all the hard work you put into building up a strong credit history could be ruined by a thief who uses your identity to take out fraudulent loans. With just a few pieces of information, they can rack up debts in your name, leaving a trail of unpaid bills and outstanding loans on your credit reports.

Thieves use every trick in the book to get your personal information – and they’re constantly coming up with new ways. But, by actively monitoring your credit and putting in place safeguards to prevent thieves from using your personal information, you can help in avoiding identity theft.

Daily Credit Monitoring

It’s essential to monitor your credit report with each of the three major credit bureaus – Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion – to ensure no one is opening up credit cards or lines of credit in your name. However, it can be nearly impossible to keep an eye on things every day. A good identity theft protection company can provide daily credit monitoring to alert you to fraud, instant access to your credit report and score, an easy-to-understand Identity Threat Score, medical benefits monitoring, and scanning of black market Internet areas, to ensure you have the most comprehensive protection available for your identity and credit.

Place a Freeze on Your Credit Report

By placing a freeze on your credit report, the three major credit bureaus cannot release your credit report to third parties without your permission. Because creditors won’t grant new credit until they can see your credit report, identity thieves can’t open new accounts in your name. (Note: you can lock and unlock your credit reports as frequently as you’d like, but it does require a few days planning to lock and unlock your credit if you are applying for a new credit card or loan.)

Data Breach Defense for Companies

Identity theft impacts companies too! A data breach describes the act of losing sensitive and proprietary information, including the disappearance or theft of digital media (computers, hard drives, etc.) or paper records. A data breach also encompasses the intentional or unintentional exposure of information without proper authorization, either online or offline. With data breaches averaging $6.3 million per incident and becoming more costly each year, data breach defense services can lower costs and help manage risk in the event of a data breach in your organization.

Minimize the risk of identity theft and the consequences of a data breach for your company by taking proactive steps to protect your identity today.


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