When it comes to any form of internet marketing, whether its affiliate marketing or selling your own products, it’s essential to become an authority site.

There are a variety of different reasons, the main one being that you will not be dependent on fads that come and go. If a site is dependent on traffic coming through from just one or two channels that you appear to have struck gold on – you are leaving yourself open to being very disappointed. Google can change its whims regularly – as we have seen with Panda. When our income is dependent on this, it can make things a little uncertain and stressful.

These days authority sites are what matter online and will continue to matter in the future. Once you see how this delivers value then you will see for yourself how this is the foundation of your business’s success.

Trust is of such great importance online. Those who are consistent are more likely to be trusted as they look to be more reliable and more stable.

The way to build this trust is to continue to produce high quality content. It will let your audience know that you are the best source on the web for information on that particular niche. WordPress blogs are particularly suited to this as the framework.

The best advice I can give to achieve the consistent delivery of good quality content is to put all of your focus on it. There are plenty of distractions online and this can be dangerous to the internet marketing professional. If you can stick to the goal then you’ll have a killer site full of killer content that cannot be sourced elsewhere online.

Depending on what your niche is, you’ll need to focus on delivering educational and informative content. Or it might be that entertaining content is more suited to the topic. Your job is to understand what appeals to them and then deliver it. Then you need to keep on delivering it so that they can depend on it. Once your people can trust that you will deliver high quality content consistently, you’ll get noticed by the search engines. You’ll be an authority site to all involved.

This may sound like an incredible amount of hard work to you. However, it’s actually easier to focus on one site and build it’s authority than it is to maintain hundreds of sites that are each selling one product.

An authority site will convert into sales. You’ll have built an incredible amount of rapport and trust with your visitors and they would rather buy from you than elsewhere that might take the used car salesman approach.

Having gained solid trust from your readers, you’ll be able to subtly add links and provide reviews in your content with a soft sell approach and your conversions will quadruple. None us like being ‘sold to’ and you won’t be doing that with your authority site. You’ll be building trust and will be the authoritative resource for all matters pertaining to your niche.

Believe me – an authority site really is the way to go about building a solid, trustworthy and profitable online business.

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