Recently I received this question from a brand new website owner:

“I’ve heard that building links too quickly can hurt your website ranking. Is that true? If I submitted articles to 1,000 directories all at once, could it actually hurt my site?”

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That’s a great question — Yes, especially if your website is newly established, building links too fast could harm the SEO for your website. That’s why you should space your article submissions out and limit them when using an automatic article submitter.

Being required to submit fewer articles is actually a bonus for most people — the daunting thing about submitting articles manually is that you need to submit such a large quantity that it’s really not humanly feasible to keep it up on a consistent basis. Think 50 articles a day — that’s too much for even the most prolific writer to keep up with.

But if you submit your articles automatically, you can see excellent results with a mere 8 articles a month, presuming that the site is well-established and has backlinks from other sources as well. That’s a quantity that most people find very doable.

If you have a brand new site though, it’s a good plan to start out slowly and gradually increase your article submissions up to 8 a month. You should also use other marketing tools for building links, such as press releases, forum posting, etc.

Some automatic article submitters offer a useful tool that will allow you to “trickle” your article submission over a predefined period of time, so that your article is not distributed to a large chunk of publishers all at once. That type of tool is extremely helpful because it allows you to build links more gradually, which looks more natural to a search engine.

Why not submit articles by hand to just one or two directories?

The problem with that approach is that the exposure is so limited that you can’t submit enough articles to make an impact, either with the SEO for your website, or to draw enough readers to your website.

Think about it — some of the most popular sites on the internet are article directories. It’s to your benefit to get your article published on as many directories as possible, because by doing so you increase your chances of funneling some of that traffic to your website.

Article submissions services will often also send your articles to a variety of online publishers, such as article directories, blog publishers, ezine editors and other types of website owners. It is beneficial to your SEO to build links from a variety of websites, so the increased distribution that an article submission service can offer gives you something that you can’t accomplish on your own.

It may help to realize that article submissions are similar to press releases. The content itself is different, but they are similar in that they are each distributed to different websites that publish the content and then link back to your website.

When you submit a press release, you’re trying to get it seen by as many people as possible, just as with an article. It would be kind of silly to submit a press release with the intention of getting it published on as few sites as possible and seen by as few readers as possible. You want the press release to get widespread exposure, be published on many sites, and to come before the eyes of as many people as possible. It’s that way with free reprint article submissions too.

So, what’s the answer — how can you submit enough articles to see an impact with search engines while at the same time not build links so quickly that you hurt your website ranking?

Just use an online article submission service, and either submit 8 articles a month (if your website is established) or gradually build up to 8 articles a month (if your website is brand new). Also find a service that can submit your articles in a trickled out fashion, so that your articles get submitted to just a few publishers a day, rather than a bunch at one time. By using this strategy, you will be able to get the most benefit possible from article marketing, in the most time efficient way, without building links too quickly.

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