Article Marketing Without doubt, the single biggest challenge facing the online marketer is Lead Generation for his/her business.

Obviously, without leads and the customers they eventually become, any business is dead, so all methods of generating a potential customer must be explored.

Network and MLM marketers, in particular, face an even bigger obstacle in this task due to the trust that must be cultivated to enlist a new customer.

While the methods for generating business leads online are many and varied, one particular concern for all marketing efforts is the cost and the ROI potential of the method or methods chosen.

One of the techniques online used to generate leads for little more cost than the effort expended by the marketer is article marketing or content marketing.

This marketing method consists of writing articles relevant to a particular subject, then presenting those articles for publication to article directories, ezines, and Web 2.0 sites, targeting an audience who follows the subject written about.

Readers of your article then follow a link from your article back to your website, squeeze page, or landing page of the offer you promote.

The result the marketer seeks in this scenario is a product sale, network marketing or MLM enrollment, or name and email capture for future contact, etc.

The upside benefit to article marketing and content submission is, of course, the very low – or nonexistent costs involved.

If you write your own articles and do your own submissions to the assorted sites, there is no cost, with the work involved being the only “expenditure”.

Theoretically then, it’s possible to generate your own leads for your affiliate or network marketing offers, or for a conventional e-commerce website, for little or no cost.

So why the “theoretically” part?

While this method of submission can be done, the time involved, from writing your own articles to doing the submissions, can become overwhelming. Consider that you might be submitting to hundreds of directories, ezines, or blog networks.

Almost impossible to do one at a time.

One alternative here is to purchase, at a relatively low cost, an article submission software package.

There are several to choose from, and the speed of efficiency with which your content is submitted automatically, sometimes to thousands of services, is worth much more than their minimal cost to purchase.

Most include some type of semi-automated spinning capability, which allows you to generate many unique versions of your article from one “seed” article.

Another submission option is the article submission service, differing from the above in that your article is presented to a human editor who reviews your article for errors in submission guidelines, etc.

They, in turn, handle the submission process. These services cost a little more than submission software, but their acceptance rate of your content by the directories, seems to be much higher.

Either of these options is acceptable, however, your own operating budget should allow you to make a choice.

To write or not to write, that is your choice.

Many find writing of any type, (particularly relevant, engaging articles), to be beyond their capability, or at least beyond their willingness to undertake.

No problem. There are countless services online that will actually do your articles for you.

For a fee, of course.

If you have the budget to do so this is an excellent course of action!

A reputable service will provide articles of high quality, written by authors who are well versed in the writing of content with the desired customer action in mind.

While not always inexpensive, the quality of content and consistency of submission by you can make the ROI on such a service very desirable.

The submission of your articles/content to directories, ezines, blog networks, and additionally to social bookmarking sites, can result in your links, to your website or money making pages, being spread around the internet, thus around the world, to a customer base you never imagined you could reach for such a low cost.

The very nature of these sites, and the free sharing of the articles submitted to them, virtually insures that your content will be shared and spread, like a ripple affect, to places you could never reach on your own.

If you’re new online, or even if you’ve been here a while and not yet done so, why not give article marketing a try. Like riding a bike or learning to walk, it might be a little awkward at first.

But you became good at both of those didn’t you? And shortly, article writing and submitting will become second nature.

Try it. The return will be worth the effort.

To your success.

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