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The other day someone asked me if I could help them by giving a tutorial on how to get started selling on ebay. Of course I said yes, because it’s pretty easy to get started.

This is just a brief information on how to set up your first account and how to navigate the waters of e-bay, to get your first product listed. I hope to help other people as well who have never done this before.

As most of us know, Auction sites are very popular and it is one of the largest online marketplaces in the world. There are millions of people all over the world who are selling on ebay right at this minute. They sell all kinds of products all the time. People can sell and buy things from this site at a great advantage of paying less. Prices are usually really reasonable and most of the time people get free shipping.

As a seller there are a few fees to pay. You’ll be charged for listing and a final value fee which is based on final price for every item you sell. These are the steps you’ll need to take in order to start selling on ebay (basic easy stuff).

You need to get an account. Go to site website address and register for a free account. Enter your personal info and wait for an e-mail from ebay to confirm your account. Be sure to give accurate info.

Link your Paypal account to the site account.

Selling on this site is not hard and all you have to do after you sign in is to go to “Sell” and then to “Sell an Item” and then to “Start Selling”.

There will be categories to choose from, so make sure that you browse the categories and enter a few keywords that matches the product you are selling.

Now you will have to choose a title for your listing, title which needs to be a maximum fifty five characters.

All you would have to do now is to add one or more pictures of your item, or a few pictures. I believe they allow 3 pictures for free but if you want to place many pictures they will impose a fee. Bear in mind that the more pictures you place of your product the easier it will be for the product to sell.

You should inform your potential buyer whether you offer international shipping or not.

Now you will have to scroll down on the page and then enter a starting price for the product you want to sell.

After this just choose the number of days your item will be displayed for. After the time frame ends, the higher bidder will win.

If you would like to make it even easier for you to sell on site, all you would do is add a “Buy it Now” button. People who click on it, would be able to buy your product immediately.

Now is the time to mention shipping charges. If you charge nothing, don’t forget to mention that. Click on “Continue” and a preview of your listing will appear.

Read everything your wrote carefully and if everything is correct, then you have to confirm your listing so that everyone can see it.

Unfortunately sometimes you might run into a situation of people who will buy your product, but not pay for it. Have an immediate payment policy or allow for 24-48 hours for payment and if the person doesn’t pay, cancel the transaction. If your price is fair, you will have lots of people wanting to buy from you.

The art of selling is one that we all need to master. Whether we realize it or not, in life we are always selling. We are selling in our personal, business and social relationships.

Make selling fun because if it’s not fun it’s not worth doing it! According to Tom Hopkins.

Also I would like to suggest a fun and great book for you to take a look “How to Master the Art of Selling” by Tom Hopkims from SmarterComics.

Good luck with your selling career!


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