No matter what area of business you are in, if you don’t have customers than your business will eventually fail. That’s why it is so important to present yourself and your product in a way which will not only attract the demographic you seek, but inspire them to come back again. And after they do come back, your next goal will be to attract even more new clients. So how do you do it?

Here are 5 ways to ensure that the new customers keep coming.

Offer Competitive Prices.

This is obviously one of the more important aspects of the business world. While you want to make a profit to stay afloat in the business world, you also need to make sure you are still fairly competitive with other business of the same kind and maybe a little lower with more product to offer which will offset the lower prices. Nothing is more appealing then knowing if you drive down the road a mile you’ll find the same product for two dollars cheaper. Now this can be accomplished many way’s with specials, sales, coupons, buy one get one at half off or free and so on. And you can have lower prices but offer more product and more brands which should offset the lower prices and still bring in the amount of revenue you’re looking for.

Get the Advertising in The Customer’s Hand

How to Attract Customers

When a customer has a business card, flier or advertisement in their hand they are more likely to at least look at it. With the overflow of advertising that arrives with the daily mail, some people take it straight to the recycling bin without looking at the ads. Some catchy ways to get attention include fliers on door knobs of people’s homes and under the windshield wipers of their cars. This technique forces them to look at the advertisement before making the decision to discard it.

Another example is to leave the advertisement with a tip for a hotel maid or server at a favorite eatery. When they collect the tip, they will see the business card or flier with it and may consider your product or service.

Friendliness of Employees

All too often we hear complaints by word of mouth stating that an employee at a certain business was short, rude, callous, or uptight while servicing a customer. This creates a huge problem for the business. Word of mouth travels extremely fast and we all know that when we hear something, we take it to heart and usually stay clear of the business without even trying it out for ourselves. Talk to your customers, smile, make suggestions but don’t be overbearing at the same time. People like to chat, especially stay at home moms who don’t get out often. Sometimes, friendly and accommodating staff can convince clients to either buy more, or buy something more pricey but of better quality. Use the friendliness to convince clients of the advantages of purchasing something better – or something that would complement an item they bought. Try to be more caring – profit is not the only reason why you want customers. Build relationships, because that will encourage them to recommend your business to their friends.

Create a Facebook Fan Page

36 There is no denying the advantages of being on the internet – even if you’re a business. And with everyone having access to Facebook, then it’s silly for a business owner not to use this social media platform to promote and entice more customers. Start a Facebook fan page, try to add the most number of friends, then encourage your friends to recommend your page to other prospects. Now, try to convince people with beautiful and vivid photos of your products, excellent copy, and if possible – Facebook offers, like discounts and freebies exclusive only to Facebook Fans. Sell them the idea of owning your products from the comfort of their homes. Or better yet, include a link to your website where online purchasing is possible.

Do Charity Work

A business can get good publicity through doing good deed for a charitable cause. This is a creative and philanthropic way to catch potential customers’ attention and business. Teaming up with a local radio or television station will amplify the attention for the business. For example, a business can donate a product or service to be auctioned off to benefit a charity.


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