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Lead Generation Funny thing about sales people. They usually need something. Keeping the sales funnel full is a priority. One of the things that they always need are way more leads.

And we all desire more leads, right? Keep reading for some valuable sales tips you can use straight away to help to increase your business.

This article will discuss 3 common lead generation mistakes and what to do as an alternative. How do I know? To admit, I made these very same errors when I was in my first marketing executive job running marketing programs for HP in the NJ/NY market. It didn’t take very long to determine what I could have done differently and done better. It was wonderful to see the improvement in lead generation results after making some simple changes I’m hoping these 3 tips help you, too.

Mistake 1 Laying out money on marketing activities that don’t generate results. Frequently corporations think that they need to carry out certain marketing activities just because ‘everybody else ‘ in their market is doing them. This may include trade shows, web advertising, seminars, etc. While all these marketing activities ‘could ‘ generate a good ROI for your company, there is no guarantee that they’ll generate a good ROI.

What to do instead . Remember this, all marketing activities will generate activity. The question is, will that activity generate interested and top quality leads that you can ultimately convert into a customer? Look backwards at your prior marketing activities and establish which produced the most leads. Then identify what percentage of those leads really were changed into clients. Qualify your lead generation activities exactly like you would qualify a prospect. Only invest in those activities that produced a justifiable results. If that’s only 1 or 2 kinds of lead generation activities, and you stop doing 10 other ones, that’s OK. Concentrate your fire power where you get a good ROI.

Mistake 2 Expecting marketing activities to generate results without a clear call to action. Here is a trade marketing secret. Pay close attention. Prepared? Ok, here goes. “If you do not ask your prospect to do something, they will not do anything.” Makes sense, right?

What to do instead . Have a clear goal in mind when designing your marketing activities. Always have a clear ‘call to action’ in your lead generation activities. If you’d like an advertisement to generate incoming calls, then close the ad with a ‘call xxx-yyyyy for more information‘. If you’re giving away some valuable info (white paper, report, etc) at a trade show, only give away part of the answer. Require the prospect to meet with a sales rep to get the ‘rest of the story on how you can help them’. You get it, right?

Interviews with Three Successful Female Leaders

Mistake 3 Not following up on leads. The largest selling sin of all times is not following up on leads produced by effective lead generation activities. After all the energy that went into creating and implementing the marketing activity has been finished and the leads are handed over to the salesforce the leads go cold. Why? Because they were not approached.

What to do instead. A typical reason that I’ve heard from sales people on why they were not in a position to follow-up on their leads, is really because that were looking after their existing clients. “Real business, comes before lead follow-up”, they are saying. However But, time, money and effort was invested to generate the leads and it is a duty for sales to follow-up on them.

Make sure there’s a documented and required ‘lead follow-up process’.. Create liability. Have an obligation that each lead be contacted with in ‘x day’.. Keep control of the follow-up process. Keep track of the outcome of the follow-up calls. Make success visible.

In summation, a well thought out lead generation programme and follow-up process makes filling the sales funnel far easier. Instead of a sales person spending their precious time prospecting for possible clients, an efficient lead generation program gives then ‘warm prospects’. Give these leads the attention they merit and they will reward you with new clients and increased sales.


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A good resource for more lead generation strategies would be to visit the site There you will find a rich source of sales tips and sales methods. These are brought to you by Joe Mangano, PinnacleSelling’s Founder and Editor. He concentrates on helping sales folk, sales management and business owners improve their sales performance.
A good resource to find a rich source of sales tips and sales methods. These are brought to you by Joe Mangano, PinnacleSelling's Founder and Editor. He concentrates on helping sales folk, sales management and business owners improve their sales performance.
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