Google Hangouts If you are not yet at least familiar with the term “Google Hangouts,” then you might want to listen up for it. Google Hangouts is a free video chat and instant messaging platform established by Google. It allows the users to have face to face dialogue one on one, or with a maximum of ten people at a time. The possibilities that this brings to various social settings and to business opportunities are numerous.

The Google Hangouts platform was launched on May 15, 2013. It basically replaced three messaging Google products which are implemented concurrently within it – Talk, Google Plus messenger and hangouts. It has similarities to Skype and Facebook video chat. However, Hangouts focus on face to face group discussion instead of simply one on one video chats. Google inserts advanced technology to seamlessly switch the focus to the person currently chatting.

Whether you want to use your desktop, laptop, or android mobile device, you can accomplish much in a very short time with a Google Hangout. This technology allows users to have conversations between two or more users, and chat histories are saved online and allows them to be synced between two or more users. Google Hangouts allow you to share documents with each other, or images, scratchpads, and Youtube videos that open up a whole realm of communication. Another awesome feature is an on air feature that allows live broadcasting video conversation that can be accessed by any person with a decent web browser.

Users display color symbols in their messages. This really gives the hangouts the feel of a real life conversation as users in groups conversations can see which people are participating in the hangout and they can send messages to them at any time, even if they happen to not be connected at that particular time.

There can be a world of engaging conversations when someone sees that their message has been read and responded to. Even when your friend is not available at their computer and you attempt to reach them, they will get an alert when they connect back to the system. This can keep the conversation thread going on for quite some time. A person can easily go back to a conversation that they were having earlier. And certainly the video calls can make a Hangout a lively and much more fun way to interact. It can turn a one on one conversation into a live fact to face video chat with as many as ten people who can be sharing business ideas, simples friendships, memories, recipes, or any number of things they would like to talk about.

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One good method is that you call the phones of your friends to make the invitation to a hangout. They will get the Hangout invitation no matter what kind of device they are one. The phone will ring while they aren’t at their computer, they get the invitation, and then make the decision to join the fun. Also, people can join the ongoing video chat session right from their mobile device.

The Hangouts have certainly opened up a whole new world of innovative communication that can include anything from two friends sharing about the details of their day, a family who might be gathered together for a video discussion, people celebrating special occasions or a high level sales meeting where a businessman has a lot on the line. Google Hangouts are here and with them, a lot of communication power has arrived.

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