“When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this… you haven’t”

Thomas A. Edison



I worked in the past as mechanic, truck driver, photographer and other things; many years I practiced different sports (volleyball, basketball, football, orienteering sport, ju-jitsu – all professionals); as many other people I have some passions – good music (progressive rock based), great books, movies who bring information or spiritual experiences, to know people with deep soul, knowledge and personality, to learn permanently, philosophy, psychology, spirituality, art, nature, to go on the mountains, swimming, speed driving and many other.

For 3-4 years already I worked in Internet Marketing helping other peoples as much it was possible. At the beginning I started with some good referral programs, where the earnings was very low, but there was the first places who I found important things, useful information and tools.

Unfortunately I have had and a negative experience with a scam program (so it was proved to been in the final), but where surprisingly shared maybe for the first time important tools, strategies and resources for an online business…. and maybe the same important, there was created the first important connections with many great, special people from all the corners of this world.

CUrrently, after 6-9 months of gathered each information shared by the well known marketers of this world and put together as the pieces of a complicated puzzle, I got the position to well known web site promotion, SEO techniques, to use efficiently the Social Networks, a fast index for a web site in Google, free traffic sources, effective methods to increase the Google`s Page Rank, useful methods for backlinks building, lots of details about video promotion, in the main all those are essential things in an marketing activity for any model of online business.

Because in the past I meet great personalities which was in a hard financial time period of their life and from a desire to give a helping hand for each people who is in need, I thought to build a place for sharing indeed essential useful things, which make the difference between an online activity and an online business. I hope to be helpful for any person who want to succeed in online business.

On this nobody not need to buy nothing; I’m satisfied if as many people can find here useful information for them – a visit or more: a comment means much more for what I looking for than a sale of who knows what product type – I’m serious here, this place was not thought for sales. We’ll see more in time. One more thing to explain… Why I choose the WordPress platform as the main software for my desired blog… To see in detail, please read with careful Why WordPress!…

Thank you for your time to reading these paragraphs, I hope all these information shared (will be) here are with some helpful for you. All the best!

P.S. – This blog was built for the first time 2 years ago; from multiple reasons a year and half I have not had the time to maintain my work to this blog. Some hackers attacks made me to lose 6-7 months ago my WordPress account (harmful codes injected in that blog and other of my websites made for selling products).

By changing the hosting company and without an online blog from where to recover dates it’s almost impossible to recover my old blog, so it was in the past. I used just the things saved on my hard drive and some of my knowledge to bring back this blog where it was in the recent past …and much more than that…

…And… enjoy your soul by listening one of my preferred songs – The Young Gods – Donnez les Esprits


P.P.S. (16.04.2012) – There is another point of view “about me”… Blog – Sursa de Inspiratie (use e. g. Google translation if you’ll need…)

P.P.P.S. (25.08.2013) – In few days, a thing that seems to been just a dream, is going to happen on August 28… in Bucharest… Roger Waters The Wall Live

Roger Waters The Wall Live

Roger Waters bring THE WALL Show in Romania

I posted this Welcome message for Mr. Waters in the Rock FM web page:

Welcome, Mr. Roger Waters!
Things that until yesterday seem unbelievable, today turns into reality… It’s happens… It’s true…


Yesterday was a very special day… I think to bring here just a little part from what it was… and to show a real Thank You for all people from online – great people that I know or other who know me or WordPress Website and here they find things that interest them.




I could not imagine that a poor quality movie (made with the smartphone), which shows a more or less trivial, without the head or tail… could generate some interest…

I wanted to show… just a stone road, until recently (and which many shunned – with thresholds or lower shield machines frequently struck rocks or boulders), became paved… those who have been on the old road and still did not get far…

 Almost 1000 views in less than 24 hours


Almost 1000 views in less than 24 hours, with no promotion method used gender or something… I can say it’s a little surprising… of the internet the unknown ways… 🙂



For years working in Internet Marketing, helping other peoples as much it was possible. Well known web site promotion, SEO optimization techniques, Social Networks, fast index for Google, free traffic sources, efficient methods to increase the Google`s page rank, backlinks building, video promotion, in the main all those are essential things in a marketing activity for any model of online business.
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