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Pouring system in plastic mold manufacturing

The time is fast, and it has been three months since the editor and update website of Dongguan Plastic Mould Factory. Today is June 24, 2020, and tomorrow is the Dragon Boat Festival. The editor strongly urges the boss to add vegetables to make dumplings. Affected by the epidemic situation, the friends of Dongguan Plastic Mould Factory believe that everyone must have a lot to say. Today I will introduce you to the pouring system in plastic mold manufacturing.

The pouring system refers to the plastic flow channel from the injection machine nozzle to the cavity in the mold, which is composed of the main channel, the branch channel, the gate and the cold cavity. Parts mainly include sprue bushings and other parts. Its main function is to fill the molten plastic in the barrel of the injection machine into the mold cavity and play the role of transmitting pressure.

1) Pouring sleeve (gating sleeve): Because the main channel is in contact with and colliding with high-temperature plastics and nozzles, the main channel part of the mold is often designed as a removable and replaceable main channel bushing, referred to as a pouring sleeve or gate sleeve, in order to Use high-quality steel for processing and heat treatment separately.

2) Point gate: Generally point gate is also called pin gate, olive gate or diamond gate, it is a special form of small size direct gate. The point gate has a small diameter (generally 0.5-1.5mm), so the traces left after removing the gate are small, and the gate can be automatically broken when the mold is opened, which is conducive to automatic operation.

3) Cold material cavity design: It is used to store the cold material head generated during the injection interval, to prevent the cold material from entering the cavity and affecting the quality of the plastic parts, and to make the molten material fill the cavity smoothly. The cold cavity shape of the mold is a small cylindrical cavity.

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