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Article Marketing Tip: Lasso Prospects And Google With A Problem Solving Title

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Share Your title is the very first tool you have for engaging your reader. A well-crafted title can mean the difference between a successful article distribution and one that hardly gets read. Problem solving titles are excellent for attracting the attention of readers and search engines because the title itself mirrors the type of thing […]

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Who Else Is Tring To Learn How To Blog And Make Money With Better Articles?

Who Else Is Tring To Learn How To Blog And Make Money With Better Articles?

Share No matter how you choose to create your articles – written by yourself, a ghostwriter or using PLR – keep in mind the actual writing (even the articles themselves) is only one small part of your article marketing strategy. To learn how to blog and make money using articles, utilize these tips. Find and […]

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How To Submit An Article: 3 Tips for Writing Articles for Article Directories

Share Whenever you submit an article to an article directory, it first has to go past an editor who screens the article to be sure that it abides by the directory guidelines. This is why you need to write articles with publishers in mind–after all, there’s no use in writing an article only to have […]

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The Second 5 Excellent Reasons To Start Writing Articles

Share There are 15 good reasons to start writing articles and we have covered the first 5 good reasons in my last post. Onwards to numbers 6 until 10! 6th Good Reason: Attract Free Publicity Your article could be just the start of something great! Imagine being approached by a number of interested authors who […]

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Worker Pay Considerations and Hours Worked Laws: A FAQ Guidebook For Small Business Owners

Share For anyone who is a small business owner or perhaps a manager with questions about your responsibilities to the Department of Labor as it relates to your workers, this article will give you the answers to your questions. *Are there travel time guidelines that I should keep in mind? Time used traveling during normal […]

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SEO Strategy – How To Simplify The Whole SEO Process

Share Copyright (c) 2011 Titus Hoskins If you’re a full-time online marketer and webmaster, you may get the feeling (in my case a stubborn opinion) that because SEO has become such a big industry, it has to be “complicated up” rather than “dumbed down” for the receiving audience. In other words, it is in the […]

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List Building – Are Lists In The Billions Possible?

Share Copyright (c) 2011 Titus Hoskins Computers combined with the Internet have made building huge lists, not only very common, but also much easier than in the past. Of course, it does help if you’re a well known celebrity or have a well known brand name. Lady GaGa just passed 10 million followers on Twitter, […]

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Why does Google loves Youtube more than Ezinearticles?

Share by Doru Badetchi In present each online marketer should already know that article marketing is one of the best ways to generate targeted traffic and backlinks to his own website. But how many people know that Google “loves” YouTube? Google love “to watch videos” just like you love to watch an interesting movie on […]

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