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Will Your Business Blog Help You To Make Your First $100 On The Internet?

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The blogging platform you use will make a huge difference in how your business flows. You will need a blogging platform that will become a content management system for your business. The very best and simplest is WordPress has become the #1 business blogging platform in the Internet Marketing industry. While fairly simple to install and set up for those with a little technical knowledge, paying a small fee to a blog setup service may be the way to go for a non-techie. Once you learn how to maintain your new blog, installing others will be very simple for you.

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Blogging On A Small Business Website

Blogging On A Small Business Website

Small businesses have the potential to boost company awareness by blogging on a business website. Blogging provides a source of interaction with the public and is a consistent way to update websites with fresh information about new products available or weekly service specials. Keeping a small business website informative and up-to-date will allow these small […]

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What we can know about SEO, SEM, Google Page Rank, Alexa ranking and Free Traffic sources

Google Page Rank

SEO in the main use free sources to dealing with natural results in different search engines. It`s a continuously work to obtain high ranking in search engine result page – SERP – for selected keywords or group of words – key phrases. It`s based on tests in time, analysis, a constant process to build a brand, to obtain quality one way backlinks, targeted traffic to the desired website.

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