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Why WordPress

WordPress Website - Why Wordpress

Why WordPress – is the choice of more than 60 millions of people, powers nearly a quarter of the new sites launched today, its CMS is a choice for over 2/3 of the top million sites worldwide, a fact that make it for sure the most popular blog platform on the web …and one more thing: it is trusted by content publishers (both: large and small) – including CNN and the NY Times… After 8 years of proven history, you know now that you are getting the best software from the Planet for blogging or any other online business you will want to build on Internet. What could it be the reason for… Why Not WordPress?!…

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You Must Be Proactive If You Want Raving Testimonials

There is never any question that genuine testimonials can have a tremendous impact on your conversion rates. Just like anything else, some forms of social proof are more effective than others, and that is why we are here today. Read carefully because what you are about to discover can really transform your conversions. There are […]

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