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Differentiate Products And Services To Avoid Duplications

When imitators can be kept out of the marketplace, supply can be restricted, and the market imperfection “demand without supply” can be preserved. Imitators attempt to add supply by entering the marketplace as new players in the economic game. Imitators include all those firms that offer products or services that do essentially the same thing […]

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Learn How To Get More Facebook Fans Fast & Free

In terms of popularity, Facebook is among the most common and famous web pages. In almost all the countries people use Facebook as an element of their regular social routines. People think that in case you are not “on Facebook” you are then terribly and utterly out of the loop. Facebook is not just the easiest way to keep in contact with your family and friends, though. It also provides several interesting prospects to businesspeople to market themselves to a huge target market. If you want to give your company a big boost, then you have to figure out how to get more Facebook fans.

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