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Everything To Know About Trademark Registration

Businesses have been using trademarks for a very long time, but with the advancement and progress of the internet, it has only made them even more valuable and essential for the operation of a company. However, the number of registered trademarks has been increasing with time, and several cases of trademark conflicts have been reported. […]

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Common Sorts Of Intellectual Property Rights

With the rising popularity of the Internet and the increasing numbers of online users, intellectual property or IP can effortlessly be taken away from you. Whatever notion, invention or work you come up with may be viewed and subsequently be imitated by almost anyone.

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Secure Your Most Valuable Assets Through Patenting

Icons are everywhere, particularly in this period of computerization. From the presence of earthy things to the business logos, one cannot simply dismiss any of them without bothering to give it a thought. That reaction is expected to any of us since icons have the natural capability to convey information directly to us

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